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  1. The WiFi problems don't arise for the ROM or backup, its actually a bug in jb itself. If you go into advanced settings on WiFi and turn off 'scanning always available' it should work
  2. Universal vendor works great, loving the speed of this rom
  3. These larger games eg rr3 are not working for me as they try to save the data to the internal storage, then stop as there isn't enough space, I have a 16gb external microsd, how do i get them to save the data to that? I really want to play most wanted, nova etc. Ive tried it on both stock B194 and SymAnd B190 v2 with no luck
  4. Bug report: Using the 'hold back to kill apps' feature causes the screen to constantly flash red when the app is reopened
  5. All of the options under the customize section of settings are not working for me eg. switching tracks with volume buttons, and recent ram bar, i've tried rebooting, am i doing anything wrong? they are all still checked but just don't work other than that, pretty happy

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