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  1. copied maps from my brothers phone, it works copied with wondershare mobileGO on his phone it was under phone\storage\emulated\legacy\Android\data\com.here.app.maps on mine it was under \SD Card(1)\Android\data\com.here.app.maps\files\.here-maps the folder to tranfer is "diskcache-v4" first download all maps you want on your phone and don+t forget voices to, then do the copy I copied to the PC first then to my phone voices are in different folder :) \Phone\storage\emulated\legacy\Android\data\com.here.app.maps\files\.here-maps\voices-download \SD Card(1)\Android\data\com.here.app.maps\files\.here-maps\voices-download
  2. copied maps from my brothers phone, it works I copied maps from my brothers phone, and it is working on mine
  3. hello to all, I have y300 and nightly 01.07.2014. got the sim unlock code from my carrier, but when I put the other network sim there is no wa to put in the code to unlock
  4. when I update to 9/1, my system is gone, so I have to restore previous backup I've installed 9/1 over 5/1, maybe that is the reason? no, 8/1 works, but 9/1 delete the system
  5. mine was rebooting on antutu and fing and some other app, until I went to TWRP and cleared dalvik, now it is fine, I am at 5.1. at the moment
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