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  1. i serched it, and i wrote T9 and appeared topics that had nothing in common with T9....but thanks anyway for you're great 8th post
  2. thanks, but i knew that. the thing is that i have T9 in english, and the archive i said separetly, and i don't know what to do with it to write in T9-Spanish... But thanks again
  3. hi, i'd like to know how can i change the languaje of the T9 dictionary...i only got the T9Spanish.dll also i wanna know how can i write "ñ" in my phone (it's a spanish character) THANKS again :)
  4. no, but now it works. THANKS :) (I didn't try the cab, just change the keyvalue in the registry)
  5. hi, i don't know if this is specific to my mobile (T-Mobile SDA, or Qtek 8300 or......) but, when i shoot a photo, it stores that photo in a folder which name is the date.... i'd like to know if it's possible to store all the photos in the same folder, because then when i copy them to my PC i have to open 800 folders.....(more or less XD) thanks :)
  6. ok, thanks for your help, what i did was remove all of my programs and reinstall them to the SD, and my melodies, y lowered the quality and reduced the size, so now i've got 10 MB fre or so....next time i'll trie to do what mikeeey says, and if it doesn't work...i'll try to extract the cab to my PC, try to change the code asgpcarreon says and....we'll see what happens.. if somedy has tried anything and worked, please post. Thanks again:)
  7. ok, i got it back.. I've just installed Smartione, and changed the entry... By the way, how do i change the T9 Languaje, and which files do i need? (I only got T9spanishdbl.dll) THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi i've got a T-Mobile SDA, or Qtek 8300 or whatever... i got it with T9 in English, and, as i am from Spain, i wanted it in Spanish.. The thing is i got a T9SpanishLdb.dll i copied in the Windows Folder i modified this registry Value, in order to see if i could get a Spanish T9: FROM: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\T9 Input Method\LDBs Value: 0409 Value data: T9EnglishLdb.dll TO: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\T9 Input Method\LDBs Value: 0409 Value data: T9SpanishLdb.dll But what i got is that when in text mode...i cannot write anything, it makes a sound, but it doesn't write, only numbers... as i can't write, i can't modify back the Value Data... PLEASE, HELP !!! If you've got a registry backup, a program to control the phone from the computer to write and undo the change, or an idea on how to solve this problem...PLEASEEEEE THANKS !!
  9. ok, that's what i've been doing, but i was looking for some other way to do this, but anyway..THANKS :)
  10. hi all again, my question this time is if it's possible to install programas DIRECTLY to the storage card, becuase when i try to install something, if i don't have enough free memory in the internal one, doesn't let me isntall it on the SD.. Thanks :)
  11. Uf, THANKS !!! i've been using a guide from here, from modaco, i can't remember the post, but it said you had to use a registry editor, and change some values (thing i did..), i think it was HKLM/SOFTWARE/HTC or something like this. Thanks again :)
  12. first of all hi to everyone!! i registered a long time ago because a friend of mine had a smartphone and needed help, but now i've got one, a HTC Tornado, or T-Mobile SDA, Qtek 8300 or whatever it is called...and i just got it for 3 days XD i've got one problem now...in fact they're two, but...here they are: 1.- When i'm running an application for about 8-10 seconds...it goes back to the homescreen, and sometimes, by pressing the "back" button it displays only the title of the application but not the application itself. I've tried from the task manager to select it and press "Go to" but it's just the same.... 2.- By following the steps on how to change the bootscreen, when it turns off it works, but before it keeps on displaying the "T-Mobile" logo (i've found the archive, but it's "only-reading" and i cannot change because my explorer crashes when i try to change it, and smart explroer won't get the properties of it, don't know why) Maybe the second problem should go in the other post, sorry, i'm new in this :D By the way, i'm from Spain :)
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