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  1. cheers 4 info - doesnt seem allot of graphites online 4 sale.. will keep diggin tho ! cheers 4 help
  2. ..any idea on who/where are selling these?!
  3. Nar thats great - cheers Sam. Will do some diggin on that one.. Cheers!
  4. G'day Guys, well.. My V1240 has almost died due to over use and glue (work) .. I've now moved back to Australia, but plan to buy either on ebay or from a company in the UK. Ideally id like to keep the same features as the sp5/v1240 - Ie - Wifi and WM5 etc etc I've looked at the Lobster based on how cheap it is, but really dont know if its worth it.. Now. The o2 Graphite looks good but again, not sure about the costs.. so.. could you please offer some advice on the next phone please peeps? Cheers in advance!
  5. Hey I like the look of the Graphite - Any idea on a cost of the net - Unlocked? Going to do a quick check online now? How long has it been out? Cheers again!
  6. Hiya Guys - SO have had my SP5 for a while now, but its starting to look dodge thanks to my timber flooring glue getting stuck around it.. So.. Looking for an upgrade on the sp5 (has to include same features) But being based in Perth Australia now, unsure on what to go for?> Whats the goss?? cheers
  7. anyone? cheers - Never managed to get Media Messages working.. Can use net etc but no pic or vid messages? cheers
  8. This maybe? have tryed playing around but no result as yet!? :(
  9. G'day guys, I have recently soft reset (cleared storage) on my v1240.. Its defaulted back to UK voda.. I had only ever been able to get GPRS on the phone here.. Just wondered if there are specific instructions to apply the settings from the info from this site? [Optus Dial Up connection Phone Number: 638 User name: 61(+mobile number minus the 0) Password: GPRS Internet service Access point: internet GPRS WAP service Access point: wap.optus.net.au WAP proxy server Proxy: GPRS MMS service Access Point: mms IP address: Mmsc Address: http://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002 Optus Prepaid GPRS WAP service Access point: prepaidyesoptus WAP proxy server Proxy: GPRS MMS service Access Point: mms IP address: Mmsc Address: http://mmsc.telstra :rolleyes: .com:8002 ] I would be very greatful! Many Thanks Dave.. (on their prepaid service btw)
  10. sorry folks for dumb dum question... do i need to update anything here? V1240 cpu - tiomap850 rom - op ver - 2.5.483.2 rad - 413.1.04_02.09.00 cheers
  11. HOLY Sh** Its Awesome! Im stoked - cheers for that!
  12. Hey peeps - have got a v1240 and obviously it doesnt come with msn. I did use it a fair bit and wanted to get it onto this handset, but dont feel that its right to be charged for something that is free on other models ... grrr.. Is there any other software/prog's that will do same as msn? (Using msn contacts) Cheers dave
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