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  1. Hi, I installed this rom today and everything works fine, except the camera. It just doesnt work, I click on the shortcut and it says app isnt installed, i go to the gallery and try getting on to the camera from there and the camera app comes up but the camera doesnt turn on neither does the app work, i looked in system/app and gallery.apk or camera.apk isn't there, i redownloaded the rom and its not there, restarted a few times etc why isnt the camera working? I installed properly, im no newbie to custom roms, ive been using them for over a year now.. I downloaded lgcamera from the app store and that doesnt work either.
  2. Can you make this for CM10.2 please?
  3. I installed CM10.2 and I actually find it faster than 10.1, videos are also working for me too, I suggest moving to 10.2 guys.
  4. Anything new happening with this rom?
  5. Yaqubyahya

    Keep WiFi on

    This is the development forum, do not make topics about your issues in the development forum. There is a place for that.
  6. My phones been on for 15 hours with daily use with 6+ hours on 3G and my batteries at 25% as I speak without any charge all day, I don't see the problem.
  7. So can someone tell me what is working and what's not in this ROM? I'd love to try it out as im on CM10.1 right now and i'm loving it.
  8. Is this ROM faster and smoother than CM10.1?
  9. Yaqubyahya

    [ROM] MIUI V5 [4.4.4] | G510/Y300

    This file: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1lDWuo And the battery is pretty good IMO after 1 days normal usage. also I confirm there IS NO MILKY SCREEN.
  10. Will I be able to flash this kernel over the MIUI ROM? If I'm correct MIUI is built from CM 10.1? If not, which kernel would I flash on the MIUI ROM?
  11. Yaqubyahya

    [ROM] MIUI V5 [4.4.4] | G510/Y300

    I installed this ROM two days ago, no milky screen and is working on the european baseband, I've found no bugs at all and it is pretty smooth. Loving it apart from I have a problem with TWRP unable to mount my SD card but it works in the ROM but I doubt it has anything to do with the ROM.
  12. Thanks, does this need gapps and does it need changing to u8833 like you earlier posted?
  13. There's so many ROMs on that baidu link, mind linking us to the right one please? Thanks.
  14. Yaqubyahya

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    So erm, what's working and what isn't in this rom?

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