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  1. I know. He bought a new phone and got rid of the Y300. That doesn't solve it. I've tried Google Camera, Open Camera, and one other. They all have problems. Coincidentally I had a problem taking pictures today with SlimLP using Open Camera ("Failed to take picture"). Since I'm usually wanting to take a picture of something immediately, rebooting to "fix" the error isn't a solution.
  2. The ROM I liked best was F-AOSP 5.1.1, but it had bugs with camera apps, so I had to stop using it. Right now I'm on SlimLP 5.1.1 and pretty happy with it. I just wish F-AOSP was still being updated.
  3. I don't know about the "wifi photo uploading reboots" but I've had no problems with the camera in SlimLP's latest build.
  4. Flash SlimLP from the other thread and wait until fonz93 (hopefully) figures out the cause in this build and fixes it in the next.
  5. The camera problem introduced in the latest build really kills it for me.
  6. 3G problems are usually caused by flashing the wrong official firmware. Huawei's site only has a link to a Y300-0100 download, which has the wrong baseband support for the Y300-0151. Many people (myself included) have flashed the Y300-0100 firmware to the Y300-0151 in an attempt to restore their phone to factory condition, breaking 3G. Custom ROMs don't mess with baseband, so as long as you're using CWM or TWRP recovery and flashing a .ZIP you should be safe. If you still have 3G problems with this ROM you need to fix your phone by finding an official firmware for the Y300-0151 and flashing the UPDATE.APP from it, then flashing this firmware.
  7. Using OpenCamera I had to drop resolution to 1920x1080 before it would let me take a picture. Anything higher failed. With Google Camera the 5MP option just gives me an error.
  8. I've been running test 3 for three days and got it this afternoon when I plugged my phone into the charger in my car. No display, touch buttons illuminated, phone unresponsive.
  9. I had that problem . It went away when I disabled "Force high-end graphics" under "Performance" settings.
  10. This ROM used to be a LOT more stable, as I'd never get random reboots, even under Android 4.4.4, but sometime before the switch from nightly to weekly updates the reboots became an almost daily thing, and they've only been increasing in occurrence. It happens so often now I'm considering going back to stock Huawei firmware or finding another ROM based on 4.4.4 instead.
  11. I had a similar problem when I enabled "Update CM recovery" in "Developer options", but my phone would just freeze on reboot trying to update nightlies instead of restarting, requiring removal of the battery. When it booted again it was still the same old version.
  12. Speakerphone still doesn't work properly for me. Sound comes out of the rear speaker but the volume is too low to hear without the phone right next to my ear.
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