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  1. Hi folks, it's been a while since I've been online here in the G300 community, I've now got my hands on the HTC One M8 and it's great! I've had it for 3 months now. I've decided to come back and want to start developing again. My Hybrid ROM needs an update and I'll be trying to build some other roms for this phone as well, and yes that includes Lollipop. However, I am currently at a point where I am struggling financially. To be able to start building, I will require a new computer, which I do not have the money for. Those who would like to donate, please do. My PayPal donation email is: [email protected] I am not begging for donations, I simply want to keep development alive and I know that if everyone chips in all will be well. George
  2. Oh yeah Kyan, got the HTC one m8. Sick device. Already rooted, S OFF, and converted to Google Edition. GE software is serving me well with root and xposed. but will flash other roms when cm11 comes out officially here.
  3. I am never leaving this rom. Anything above GB is too much for the G300. Even if it is my secondary device, I still use it for games. It can handle Modern Combat 3/4 no sweat. George
  4. I would try force updating it to Stock ICS. Once again, please don't listen to davidosky99. Custom roms aren't the solution to your problem, he is just advertising his rom. George
  5. Welcome to the community. George
  6. Don't Listen to davidosky99. All he is doing is advertising his rom which has permanently bricked someone's phone. The ROM threads have been removed by us moderators and administrators as he has refused to remove pirated apps from the ROM. He builds the ROM for the g300 yet he tells the admins he doesn't own one. Liar
  7. I'm actually also considering a Nexus. Nexus 6 if I'm patient. Only because its cheap and teenagers like me aren't rich. 0.o
  8. I'm getting an HTC One M8 or a Galaxy S5 in August. What would you recommend? I want a Samsung but don't want an irreversible warranty voider thingy (Knox or whatever its called) My ancient phone (Galaxy S1) doesn't have it, (not that it needs it, 4 yr old phone lol)
  9. I thought Slim v7 was from jsevi and dovahpig made a modified version which he called Superslim? http://www.modaco.com/topic/365041-gb-b895-superslim-v1/
  10. PM the admins if you want him banned. I don't want to get carried away as I am a new moderator George EDIT: And by the way, no one deleted anything. Davidosky99 flagged Kyan as a spammer which hid all of Kyan's topics and posts.
  11. Haha, nice joke buddy. No please don't post irrelevant stuff on here now. It just makes my job deleting irrelevant posts a whole lot worse lol. George
  12. I don't think the product ID;s are all the same, but I'll PM you mine.
  13. As a matter of fact, I got a lot of crashes when using your roms. Google Play Services is not trash, you need it for Youtube, Play Store etc. If you really want a good, stable and fast rom, try a Gingerbread one. I would recommend: 1. AtomicMod by Tillaz 2. GBXtreme by Kyan 3. Superslim v1 by Dovahpig (I believe?) Kitkat and Jelly Bean are for the people who want to always have the latest versions. ICS is for those who want a reasonably stable rom which is newer than GB. But as I said, GB is the best for speed, gaming and performance, and obviously the best for this phone. Cheers, George
  14. Yes. Try one of those two. My Hybrid ROM is kinda old as I don't have the time nor the patience to continue developing, so you might want to try Ultra if you want something newER. George
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