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  1. What a shame. Have a lot of problem wit hother android roms, never Found a perfect one, so i was about to order a new one, but Then i saw this thread and wanted to try some thing Else than android on this fine phone
  2. Is it possible to change volume without unlocking the phone? I really mis that feature!
  3. It is installled from playstore. And it starts and i Can login and Then it breaks Down. But will try to find the apk
  4. Noooo simpsons tapped out doesn't works on this rom :( In a dilemma now!
  5. Haha, a bit to tired. This one http://huawei-y300.tumblr.com
  6. Have to say it is easy as 1 2 3 if you use this guide
  7. I am not able to save the build.prop file, how to do it?
  8. Try to make a full wipe and Then install again.
  9. Aeriksen

    how to fix bootloop

    i can get into the apx, if that is any help
  10. Aeriksen

    how to fix bootloop

    flashed cwm and ended up i a bootloop- Cant boot cwm or anything else. Just got the pink lg logo, blackscreen and then lg logo again and again and.... can i do anything now?
  11. Had the same problem. Had to format the whole phone from the Mount menu in cwm, clean the cache, factoryreset and wipe dalwik. Flash the rom and the gapps and you should be good again
  12. ahh that must be it. I thought it was all over the speed was turned up.
  13. Maybe your right. I know it from my self. When I have made something my self i see the lack and other not perfections, as other not see. But the old nightly was also really fast for me, so i did'nt need more speed, that may be the reason why I dont feel it :) I like the rom, and it is my daily driver on two phones :)

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