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  1. This one has a milky screen too....like all of any other miuis
  2. Why the "phone" always running in the background?
  3. you cant do a REAL test without 2-3 battery charging cycle.
  4. nope. It will help if you make a photo about the screen with an another device
  5. Washed colors. You can see it in Playstore. The white is like yellow, etc...
  6. Yeah with the damn milky screen...
  7. Did you find any bug? Whats up with the milky screen caused by the miui kernel?
  8. The camera fcing every time during exiting from it.
  9. Slow, slower than the test version. The cm browser still useless. The chrome is OK.
  10. So whats up with the hw acceleration? Is it working or not? I cant see any real answer in the CM topics...
  11. You can. Uninstall the old one first.
  12. No, I can't. I tried it. Only if I overwrite it in the data folder. @Tillaz? Am I right?

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