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  1. Ehi @fonz93, are you planning further updates for this rom? It works better than all other roms... Thanks
  2. You're right, but the latest MTKs are good SoC... The screen isn't very good but it's better than Xperia E3's screen. Last but not least, Sony is a well-known OEM instead of THL. Amazon.de sells Xperia E4g at 119€ (preorder).
  3. Sony Xperia E4g seems to be much better. 64 bit MT6732 is better than Snapdragon 400, 8 GB storage, 4.7" qHD, 4G, NFC, BT 4.1. 129€!
  4. Is this project closed? Will we have any update for this kernel?
  5. Are there any possibilities to see more updates for SlimKat, maybe with caf-display version? I'm not talking about Slim team updates... sorry for my bad english
  6. This is as true as stability is (also) a driver matter. KitKat is a little buggy with videos because of drivers, I can think the same about Lollipop and I'm worried about new bugs due to drivers. Our wonderful devs are still human, I don't think they can make miracles :P
  7. KitKat is dead, so I have a question... Is Lollipop for Y300 able to reach the stability of KitKat? I am pretty satisfied with KitKat stability...
  8. Is this ROM more stable than Slimkat with display-caf?
  9. Hi guys! Sometimes in the past me and other forum members talked about a dialer bug on our phone, this: It's a known bug in Android. As you can see in the description of the video, you have to set "animator duration scale" to at least 0.5. Now my dialer works prefectly.
  10. KK is smooth enough, with little bugs and sporadic crashes. It's muuuuuch better than stock firmware, which is a little more stable but too slow, ugly and useless. However, I advise you to buy another newer phone, because Y300 was launched almost 2 years ago... Just have a look to the market :)
  11. Me too! I had this issue since first Slimkat rom for Y300.
  12. I downloaded Slim 6 from slimOTA, now do I have to flash it from recovery? And do I have to flash gapps too? Thank you.
  13. Same problem, but sometimes it works "well" (by the way, it's very slow).

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