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  1. Sharing from Gallery also resulting in the same error. I wouldn't have posted the issue if its possible. :wacko: There is something wrong in the memory handling.
  2. Did anyone have this issue with WhatsApp on recent nightly builds (from 20140810 build) ? Whenever I try to send a picture or video this error pops up. But there is no problem in receiving pictures, videos or text messages. Clearing data, uninstalling & reinstalling from Play Store doesn't help. Viber to Viber calls are not working. It disconnects after making a call. Could someone check it if you have Viber installed on your Y300?
  3. Any flashable audio libs zip available? I'm done with Y300 and got Moto G a couple of months back. But recently got access to two Y300 and I unlocked one of them to put it on CM 11. Could someone report the existing minor issues in CM 11 other than audio libs?
  4. I was about to buy Moto G 16GB from TESCO (UK) and will get a SIM unlock code from eBay. I hope it works. But I have a concern about it. Will the mobile accept Indian SIM cards? I'm not a UK resident, I live in India. Just buying the mobile from TESCO because its cheaper than in India.
  5. That's why I said it can surpass Windows Phone.
  6. @Loren82, What is the size of that update?
  7. Sailfish OS is pretty smooth, interesting and can surpass Windows Phone if they have enough support from OEMs.
  8. Get the bootloader unlock code instantly from Huawei - http://en.club.vmall.com/emotiondownload.php?mod=unlock&action=pre
  9. Hello all, I was little bit sad to say that on yesterday I sold my Y300 to one of my long term friend and neighbour to buy a new hard drive since my current HDD is 5 years old now and behaving weird for the last few days. So I have to rise some money for it and possibly I will buy another Android mobile later in April. Most probably Moto G. Its been great for the last few months on the development of Y300 and especially after Daz & Kra's release of CyanogenMod ROMs and Tillaz's awesomely modified Stock based ROMs for extra fluidity and getting almost AOSP. Till the last minute of holding Y300 on my hand it rocked with CM 11 and I was impressed how good and great Daz is and can be in future. We shared lot of ideas and I have a huge respect for everyone who contributed for CM and other projects with their donations. I'm really going to miss everyone here. I will be here and always will be. Will give my views, help and engage in a discussion here about Y300's current and future projects. :wub: :wub: :wub:
  10. That can't be removed. It was embedded in a hardware of the mobile in-request of the carrier. Just a carrier trolling on the hardware side. :wacko:
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