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  1. Thanks! With adaway trick i was able to edit build.prop and change dpi.
  2. great rom and very good battery consuption for me. I'm seriously thinking of moving to this from my "old" lunatic pandora. My only problem is that root seems to be strange. I've followed the faq enabling root for adb and apps. Es File Browser get root privileges but still i can't edit the build.prop file. I've tried other build.prop editor from play store but i can't edit this file. I've tried to reboot many times also after changing the root settings. Nothing. Tonight (i'm in Italy) i will try to re-flash the rom and restart from zero, but i'm reading here that this is not just my problem.
  3. tripwood

    [ROM] Symand B194 (Y300)

    100% I like this rom very much but the battery drain is too much for me. I'll try stock B194.
  4. Great rom! No problems here..everything's seem to be ok. After two days I've also good battery life and smoothness. Thank you!

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