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  1. So only one other user has sound but no picture in iplayer then? The request for uk users to test was to see if it was common or an isolated issue. Yet only one person made an attempt.
  2. Iplayer plays sound but no picture. Can anyone else in uk check this also please?
  3. The last time this happened to me I booted to recovery wiped dalvik and cache then restarted. It fixed it for me.
  4. Did you manually set your APN? You might well have to do that.
  5. No need to say sorry. The silent majority are grateful for everything you do and appreciate that you do this as an altruistic pursuit. I hope everything is good with you. Thanks so much for your great work.
  6. With all due respect. Oh the irony. The fact is the developer has a life. If you have done voluntary work then you should know that when you give your time for free you didn't expect that work to encroach on every aspect of your life. As many others have stated the source is freely accessible and if the repeat offenders that keep spamming the thread with useless repetitive comments stop doing it everyone benefits. He doesn't owe anyone anything if the pace of development doesn't suit people they can use the stock rom, use another project, develop themselves or spam the manufacturer. The only thing they are going to achieve with their constant bitching is annoying the developer who might just easily abandon the project and everyone suffers. He will post when he is ready and the stupid comments only serve to ruin the thread and may end it's development completely. Your analogy was totally asinine. Rom's are not life or death there are plenty to chose from there is also stock.
  7. You are a tool. I told you in the previous post not to be one but instead you had to be the smart arse with your use an iphone comment. I've taken it to pm as to not spam this thread.
  8. It is nothing to do with being Lazy, don't be a tool! Some people actually use their phones and have things to do other than flashing roms daily using full wipes then not being able to just restore all their apps data and settings. I found that even when I did a full wipe using CWM when I used GO Backup to restore my apps and saved wi fi settings I had an issue with wi-fi being disabled completely. After flashing about 3 times I decided not to restore wi fi settings at all from my backup and after this it has been fine. What if for e.g I had 30 stored wi fi settings?? I might not want to manually input them after every flash.
  9. Why though? Lots of people do different things with their phones and run lots of different software. That is why bug testing is much better when the sample using it is large. Any developer could never test a ROM to the extent of the masses, which is why it is good so many people are running this.
  10. Once you have located the rom you want to install put it on your sd card. Install the recovery of your choice make a nandroid backup. Once you have done this do a full wipe of everything. Then flash your new rom.
  11. @ taio.doio This rom is no longer being developed. Not sure how many more patches will be released. You might want to move to one that is still being supported?
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