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  1. Well keep on waiting, cuz it's not coming. KonstaT doesn't have a blade3 anymore so unless someone else makes it...
  2. Guy below you said the best Same thing happened to me Send it to service and don't tell them about modding Did that, they replaced the motherboard
  3. God I am resisting the urge to punch you first of all your grammar wow second of all who, with at least a little bit of sanity, would want a shitty, simplified, good for nothing iOS?
  4. Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Google Play 4 GB Capacitive multi-touch screen Quad-Core Cortex A9 1.2 GHz processor 1 GB DDR3 RAM Built-in 300K front camera Wi-Fi N 150 Mbps MicroSDXC™ expandable up to 64 GB Battery capacity 2250 mAh This is the one I bought
  5. Konstat, this has been bothering me for a while It's not related to blade 3 tho I bought a tablet recently, doesn't matter which one I got to choose between 4 cores + 1.2 ghz or 2 cores + 1.6 ghz I picked the 4 core how big of a mistake did I make? They both costed equally
  6. So basicly this http://www.yarvik.com/en/product/tablets/noble/TAB07-400/ I'm not a developer, so I'm wondering if anyone has this tablet and ported CM to it?
  7. Just when I thought I saw it all Never happened to me Did you follow the instructions? And you can't flash stock with CM
  8. Thanks mate, but I already tried it, didn't work. I was hoping for something that's not on the market, since I tried everything from there. Thanks, anyway.
  9. I want an honest opinion guys I ordered this tablet today, I think it's good, but I also want your opinion. I payed it 75 euros. http://www.yarvik.com/en/product/tablets/noble/TAB07-400/
  10. As the title says, I'm in the wrong section, but I count on you. Do you happen to know an app where I can control my pc mouse with android? Only via usb, I don't have wifi at home. I already tried several like mouse lite, etc, etc, So if you happen to know a fully working one which works via usb, please let me know Thanks :D
  11. HOW ABOUT YOU STOP SHOUTING?! Nobody cares what you need. And that problem happened to me, too. Factory reset, and it's solved
  12. You should at least put it in english. That's serbian. I can't help you. It works for me, not sure where you got it wrong... Wiped data, formatted system etc?
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