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  1. With the Global HTC One receiving 4.3 today, should we expect to see a hold on the current update of switch till its integrated?
  2. The "Factory Reset" is the key to a clean install. Also, if it asks you to install SuperSU when you reboot following the installation of BETA 12 choose "Do Not Install"
  3. Forget about beta 1 and 10. Just boot into TWRP, do a factory restore in the wipe section, and then flash the latest beta 12. After you boot into beta 12 (sense), do not set up your accounts, turn off fastboot, "switch" to GPe and then set up your accounts there.
  4. The download link for the SuperSU you provided says "SWITCH.S4.SuperSU.1.51.zip" is this the version we need or is it specifically for the S4?
  5. I posted issues the other day since I decrypted by wiping data and then restoring to factory. I then flashed beta 1 and beta 10, as I did in the initial release, and then fixed root (since the root package provided always gives me an error with binaries). I'm working fine in Sense but now I'm missing the switch updater app and when I run switch it just reboots into Sense without running the scripts to "switch". Does anyone have any insights to get me back on track or how to start this over?
  6. I have a new issue post data format. I can't get it to "switch" It will not pass the "HTC Quietly" screen and run the script like it use to. Do I need to run back through the initial install steps or is there an easier way?
  7. Nm, did a data format and it booted back to Sense.
  8. I recently encrypted my HTC One. Now when I run he OTA switchup TWRP cannot mount /data. Is there a way to have TWRP decrypt and mount /data or another way to get around this so I can update?
  9. Any insight into the notification bar missing in GPe? Without it my GPe is basically unusable to me.
  10. Does anyone have good instructions for getting to TWRP from CWM?
  11. Whenever I run switch and boot to Google Play Edition its taking me to clockworkmod recovery and it wants me to "Install Untrusted Package". If I choose no I get booted back to Sense. If I choose yes I get an option to reboot but then also get a question whether I was to "Disable recovery flash". I've been choosing no to this as well. Any ideas on how to stop this and automatically switch without recovery mode?
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