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  1. I make the notification disappear by tapping it and letting it fail. It doesn't actually update.
  2. I installed the newest Maps update on GPe and when I switched to Sense the app had disappeared again. I installed it from the Play store in Sense and it appears to be working at the moment but I haven't switched again.
  3. Kind of an out-there question but prior to switching to GPe are you using something to restore your apps/data? I only ask because when I initially installed switch in the early stages I accidentally set my backup to restore system apps...from my stock backup...while I was in GPe. At the very least it did start an endless parade of services have stopped popups
  4. I'm on an American HTC One locked to AT&T. However clearing data and cache does seem to work. How long does this workaround typically last?
  5. Paul, I hate to be bothersome but the MMS not sending in GPe issue has been reported a few times. It seems to be affecting American AT&T users if I'm not mistaken. Honestly it's one of the reasons I've stayed booted into Sense most days. It's not the biggest issue but I feel like it's been swept under the rug. Like I said earlier I checked my APN settings in both ROMs and they match. I think the people affected by this just want to hear an official answer. Is this something that will be fixed in Switch or is it something that requires a workaround on our end?
  6. I believe that's what happens if you run that command as user instead of root.
  7. I've been having the MMS problem too. I checked the APN settings and everything seems to match up. The only difference is the MMS Protocol setting which appears in Sense but not under the GPe APN settings
  8. Today I tried recording a snapchat video and it worked. Yet I've been having that problem the whole time. Strange. Another thing I just remembered: on my stock ROM I was able to set the max MMS size in Sense to 1000 KB, but now I can only select between 100, 200, and 300 KB. Is there any way to open up the larger options again?
  9. Hi, I've been using Switch since it opened to the public. The HTC One is my first Android device after using iOS for a few years. I really enjoy Switch and here are some of the issues I've noticed: -I'm having the issue where MMS on the GPe get stuck on 'sending' but never do -The weather scheduled sync in Sense resets after a switch (I believe both of these are known) And some app specific issues: -YouTube videos will not load in Chrome in GPe. They work fine in Sense. The YouTube app works fine on both sides. This isn't a big issue but a bit strange. -Snapchat notifications are set to on but I do not receive them. Additionally, snapchat videos will not load in Sense. If I try to record one, it says 'this video cannot be played' and fails to send. The video issues are not present in GPe. I only mention the app specific ones in case they are indicative of some type of larger issues. Keep up the great work!
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