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    Buying devices direct from China

    "It's not at all uncommon for something to take a week to be shipped out and 3 weeks on top of that to arrive. Using Registered Airmail also means it is 90 days from the time of shipping before an investigation can be started on a lost package. If you want something with any urgency I highly recommend investing in DHL, UPS or other expedited courier shipping." It is hard to believe the shipping time. Sometime it tell us one week, but it will need 2 weeks. And some almost over one month. Especially meet with holidays in their country. I order an mobile from www.eachbyte.com. They told me that I could receive in one week. In fact I got my item after 10 days. Just because of the busy logistics season. So, I recommend that you should choose a right time to make the order. And you should keep focus on your item shipping status. Because it may be more problem as time much longer. In Asia, you will know that Oct. to Dec must be a busy season if you always shop online.

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