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  1. Thanks Paul. Although on beta 8 after a few switches back and forth SuperSU startes to prompt that the su binary needs to be updated. Apps can get root access and new apps can be granted access. But opening SuperSU brings up the prompt and cancelling closes it. Allowing it to try to update the su binary using the "normal" option caused the sense mode to reboot. (I haven't tried it in the GPE mode) and I haven't tried the "CWM/TWRP" mode becuase I don't expect it to work since it'd need your secret sauce. So for now I have root in both modes on beta 8 but the SuperSU app itself isn't a happy camper.
  2. Although I'll admit I haven't used it yet I've read of bugs with bluetooth keyboards (http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/08/02/psa-android-4-3-breaks-compatibility-with-many-bluetooth-keyboards/) and copy and paste with some apps (http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/08/08/bug-watch-android-4-3-running-an-app-that-watches-the-clipboard-will-cause-other-apps-to-crash-when-you-copy-from-them/). Those two come to mind right now.
  3. Paul, will you maintain a version of SWITCH based on 4.2.2 for those who don't want to upgrade to 4.3. Honestly, 4.3 seems quite buggy and I want to wait a while before upgrading. I'm probably not alone either.
  4. I hope that new root works on beta 8 as well. Chainfire's breaks when switching. I don't want to upgrade to 4.3 yet.
  5. Hi guys Love the great work being done with SWITCH, Paul. Is there an updated root zip with SuperSU 1.51? I've tried flashing the latelst zip from Chainfire's site but everytime I switch ROMs, root breaks. Thanks much!
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