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  1. I'm just happy you're back working on this. Hope the KK version is coming soon :)
  2. Hopefully the Sense 4.3 update makes it into the next release :) And any headway on the SMS/Caller data syncing across roms? That's really the only thing holding this back from perfection :D
  3. ok was running great all day and now won't boot. I was in GPE. I can get into twrp but don't see anything on the sdcard partition. Lenny any ideas? Can I toggle to sense from recovery somehow?
  4. So good news (so far) for those with the SMS issue... I flashed the newest GPE radio here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=44234180&postcount=170. Clean installed latest beta and root. Restored all apps from Titanium. Restored text messages from SMS Backup. Removed Ad-away (not sure if it was related, but I've seen people complaining about MMS issues with Ad-away). Booted into GPE and everything is working nice. The first text I used to send from GPE would always get stuck "Sending" then I'd get the Android notification/warning saying an app was sending a high volume of messages. Not sure if the AT&T guys can flash that radio or not. Or it might just be Ad-away. Either way, all's well for now :) Thanks Paul for the best of both worlds!
  5. Been running the stock GPE ROM (without Switch). Just started getting the same issue with SMS/MMS. Paul's right, looks like it might be an issue with the ROM itself. I'm on Rogers BTW. Going to try flashing a different radio to see if it helps before trying beta 12. To those experiencing the same issue, what edition of the HTC One do you have? The AT&T version or the Unlocked version?
  6. Tried again. No restore of SMS. Still the same issue when I switched over to GPE.
  7. Interesting. I am using SMS Backup/Restore, but I've never had an issue with it before switching between roms (and I do it pretty often). Also I am only restoring the messages, not any settings to the app. That being said, I'll try a clean wipe without restoring any messages and see if it happens again.
  8. Are you still experiencing this? What carrier are you on? I did further testing (without posting here), and the same thing was happening to me on the Sense side too. Numerous contacts were receiving multiple duplicate messages from me. I also had the "received notification" on so I kept being notified every time my contact received the message. I know Paul and Lenny aren't experiencing the issue...wonder what it could be. I'm using the stock messaging client with no mods installed. I'd really love to come back to this from stock GPE. Might attempt again with Paul's next update with updated scripts etc. :)
  9. Anyone experiencing issues with SMS with GE version? It's sending multiple instances of the same message. Sometimes up to 20 times. Happens intermittently.
  10. Is there another fix for this? My computer isn't detecting my phone when it's in recovery.
  11. Sense on Beta 9 is working great. Just switched over to GE and can't get the Notification bar to show up. Can't access multitasking either. No mods. Flashed over beta 8.
  12. Just install Goomanager from the Play Store. Open the app, press "Menu". "Install Open Recovery".
  13. Can we flash the latest SuperSU from Chainfire? Or will that break shizz?
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