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  1. Move large apps to SD... On second thoughts.. Elrond is probably right.
  2. Am yet to encounter this problem... I would suggest you keep your phone memory above 100MB....
  3. 7 posts and you are attacking everyone as if we owe you something. Save yourself man. You are man enough I guess. Humility is a virtue... without it you are going nowhere.
  4. After installing via recovery... you will have to reboot to recovery once again to know if it installed alright... Did you encounter any problems with the installation.
  5. Wow.... Thanks Zeelog.. this build feels like my phone is on steroids... albeit am still testing..... but I can feel the speed... the smoothness... am yet to encounter some drawbacks....
  6. This is more stable... performance improvements.... I love it... Thanks zeelog... but my ram still reads 416MB.... and another issue my phone soft reboots when in my pocket... I still don't know what causes that....
  7. Would you care to mention what's buggy... cause am using it... daily.. apart from the power button... glitch.... and the second call during a call... plus delay in wake up screen during a call.... it's okay.
  8. Seems like it's a serious issue.... had it too... voice goes to loud speaker
  9. After a week I can bear witness that there has been an increase in its speed... smoothness... and generally better performance... though have faced major drawback.. my screen eating much of my battery.... and the famous screen delay during a call.... It's a great work zeelog.
  10. What does it mean when my logcat keep spamming this... 06-13 16:29:43.580 E/android.os.Debug(5189): failed to load memtrack module: -2..
  11. So far so good.... I have noticed that we have lost 6mb ram... but the performance is still amazing... Thanks lots zeelog... The blade has never felt better
  12. Did a clean install.... and manually restored apps... one by one... I can say... I feel a change with compatibility of apps....
  13. Reading the recent comments makes me feel sad.... This has been the smoothest rom for the blade.... but some of you expect it to perform like high end phones... The problem we have is hardware never software and most of you know that. you install messenger and facebook all eating a whooping ram of 80MB and you complain when your phone slows down.. You have more than 40 apps and you want to see smooth multitasking... The problem is clearly you not the rom. know what you have and treat it right.
  14. How fast is the new rom and the battery life... apart from the glitches of non-working apps?
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