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  1. Very nice info, thank you. It would be interesting to see how CM7.2 as well as stock gingerbread-based ROMs (eg swedish snow) compare to android 4.x on this phone.
  2. I've been using this ROM since august 2013 and I've noticed that starting from about january this year Google Play Store data usage has increased a lot. Auto-update apps is disabled. Mobile data is always enabled and I rarely use wifi. Looking at Settings -> Data Usage, I see that Play Store uses about 5 mb per day (150 mb per month) of background data (foreground data is close to zero if I have not visited the Play Store). I'm wondering what amount of Play Store data usage are other users of this ROM seeing?
  3. This is pleasant news to say the least! How is the smoothness compared to JB? Perhaps the lock screen sound stuttering could be due to too low minimum CPU frequency?
  4. Thanks for posting your impressions, I'm thinking of buying this phone once it becomes available in my country. USB OTG is a nice surprise. And I also thought of the ZTE Blade as a phone that provided similarly amazing value for money in its day. I hope the Moto G bootloader doesn't pose a challenge for developing and installing custom ROMs. Perhaps you could post some sample photos taken with the Moto G? I saw a few photos in the TrustedReviews review but they didn't provide full size images.
  5. Great ROM. I have tested JB ROMs as well but I like the ICS-based EcoCM9 more. However, I occasionally encounter the white text gmail bug with EcoCM9. Any recent ideas for a workaround? I know about killing the app and clearing gmail cache, which sometimes works. Did the white text bug get fixed in CM10/10.1? Can anyone say how it was fixed and whether the fix could be implemented in CM9? For instance, in the list of changes for daemonds CM10 I noticed the entry "update KGSL from CAF, fixes GPU out of memory issues (i.e. white textures and the like)" (2013-02-26) -- is this a relevant change?
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