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  1. And now he won't come on here because everyone is pissed at him for feeding lies to gain some money.
  2. Donate to me so I can get a new phone and I'll post it too times and then I will say that family/work problems got in the way. he got a free phone out of lies why cant i?
  3. Kinda sad I poured money into this only for him to abandon this project.
  4. I have finally got it to work on my AT&T S4. all I did was Install the first zip, then rebooted recovery, flashed the second zip, the supersu zip, then a LOKIed Kernel and then booted and set up my account(though dropbox won't give me my 48gb :/) then I did the SWITCH and it loaded to the samsun custom screen, crashed then I flashed the loki file and then it booted again and finally loaded into the GPe. Now my question to everyone who has it working, whenever you SWITCH does it boot down to the samsung custom screen then flash black and load the custom screen again then into the other rom?
  5. Yeah I figured. Trying another. But see the boot screen comes up with the google boot and four colorful dots that go with it it just vibrates like xxx xx 20 seconds xxx xx 20 more seconds xxx xx and continues lol
  6. I can get TW to run easy but then when it gets to GPe mode it doesn't ever load. just vibrates
  7. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2292157 thats the FAQ for the loki, but yes usually it does but it doesn't for this. that is why I am installing a different kernel lol
  8. Stupid me :( I flashed the JB AOSP kernel for 4.2 not 4.3 lol that is why it wasnt booting haha xD sorry lol restoring my phone to put the newer kernel on there and then will flash back over and report back haha xD i just need a working phone within the hour haha work today.
  9. oh okay lol well I switched over and it is now on the gpe logo and keeps vibrating and has been for like 5 mins or so :/
  10. My only main issue is not knowing how to edit the image file haha xD I have only just started working in the android development world lol that is why I had asked :P
  11. That is what I was afraid of. Is there a way that I can edit the download zip in each of the roms and just swap out your stock kernel for two lokied kernels? It would make it a ton much easier when swapping lol Oh and wifi and data works without needing the mga odin flash :)
  12. It is called LokiDoki. It is used to bypass out bootloader since AT&T will no allow us to have an unlocked bootloader and we haven't found an unlock for it. I am in the process of TW booting, after it boots and settles for a good 5 minutes I will try to SWITCH(see what I did there ;) lol) to the AOSP GPe and see if it works :)
  13. I cannot even get it to boot. As I am on AT&T I need to flash a file after installing the rom to bypass the bootloader but I cannot get it to work. What boots first TW or GPe? Fixed, well for now. For others using AT&T you need to flash a Lokied kernel like KT kernel(link here if I am not allowed to link and post it I do apologize. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2292341)
  14. Okay well ill flash and try(if I have wifi and data issues ill update the bb) thanks again for this :)
  15. Do we NEED both of the Odin packages? Or can we skip them? I am on a custom rom ATM so I know how to flash and stuff. Just really hate needing to Odin stuff lol
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