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  1. I stopped using Switch switch quite a while ago because of the updates, not so much for the Switch itself but for new Android versions both TW and GPe. But i find myself coming back to this thread often hoping to find an update but leave disappointed. Mostly because of Paul's promises that he will release something in new years, then a couple weeks ago, and so on... Often when devs give something for free i totally understand if they stop working on it for whatever reason, but the problem is when they ask for money just for the purpose to continue working on particular project and when giving Promises.
  2. Currently running CM 11 nightlies, it's pretty stable never experienced reboots nor FCs, battery is quite good, it's smooth barely any lag. Current issue is Mic doesn't work on VOIP apps like Viber, Skype, SIP. Would love if Switch would support TW and custom roms such as CM (or any AOSP based) besides GPe. The main reason i want Switch so bad right now is that it's winter and it would be really nice to use the phone with gloves when i'm out.
  3. Anyone figured how to apply OTA 4.4 update for GPe?
  4. It is kinda disappointing :( thou it works pretty well :) Only thing i'm patiently waiting for is to give us ability to flash any rom (secondary) as Paul promised.
  5. I guess Paul is waiting to please us with 4.4 GPe when it's out :)
  6. So if i wanted to clean/format data and start from scratch with apps and stuff what is recommended way to keep Switch?
  7. I'm having the same issue and i find it really strange it has been working flawlessly, i could switch to either roms without a problem now all of the sudden can't boot to GPe, it's stuck in TW. I really need some help on this one? Edit: Ok i managed to switch to GPe using adb from my computer (console could work also) by running "./system/SWITCH/scripts/flip.toalt" (without quotes), still don't know why the Switch app doesn't work.
  8. Thanks a lot, really appreciate it :) (downloaded in 15 mins)
  9. Would someone be kind enough to upload the original TW rom (the recommended rom on the 1st link) on a file sharing site better than hotfile like Mega or torrent?
  10. Choose Reboot recovery then try again, i had the same problem and that fixed it.
  11. My GPe issues: 1. Home button doesn't work! It doesn't seem to work except double click which gets you to multitasker :( 2. Unable to open Quick settings, the icon is there but nothing happens when i press it, neither using two fingers!? 3. No lock screen, even thou in security settings it is set to Slide
  12. GPe is stuck on Unlocking SIM Card... on first boot! Any suggestion? Install tip: If anyone is using CWM to install and get Cannot find Beta2.zip when trying to apply Beta2 just reboot the recovery and try again. EDIT: Nevermind i restarted the phone and SIM Lock got through :)
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