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  1. Hi people, need some help please. I have accidentally wiped all the cache and system files via TWRP, and now it says I have no rom installed. How do i sort this out. I understand i may need to flash a rom, but not sure how? Please help me, my HTC one is basically bricked.
  2. Thanks inthenite42 for your post There are too many download links for the ruu and I am struggling to understand which is the correct one for me. Can you help with the direct link. Thanks
  3. URGENT HELP!!!!! I need to send my HTC one for repair. I want to put my phone back to the original state, (warranty issues) please can someone guide me on how to go about this. My Device: HTC One Tmobile UK I am on 4.2.2 with MoDaCo.SWITCH Beta 13. (S On) Many Thanks in Advance...
  4. Hi Guys, FYI,,, I have been testing the beta 12 since the release, i have installed it various different ways, but unfortunately i am having pretty much most of the issues already mentioned, bootloop etc... Therefore, I am going to stick to my last backup of (Beta 11) for now... Thank you.. Happy Switching....
  5. Lennyuk.. thanks mate, you're a star.. it worked...
  6. Hi Guys I updated to beta 10 this morning and everything was working fine, i switched to GPE Rom and it was working fine. then when i tried to switch back to sense i have been stuck ever since. phone turns on and its stuck on the HTC boot screen. Please Help.. Thanks in advance
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