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  1. hi everyone, please, don't blame me too hard, but, where can I find a tutorial about how to install CM 11 on a Huawei g510 ? I'm worse than a newbie... thank you in advance...
  2. I did wipe everything... I will install it again, anyways... thanks for your advice :)
  3. hi all :) after I installed cm 11-20140510 my phone crashes pretty often... I used to play that stupid game - candy crush, but now I cant do it. I noticed it crashes when I try to open some apps...
  4. i tried everything but google play doesnt work for me.... :(( thank you anyway Daz. you're the man \m/
  5. oki. 1.sorry for my bad english 2.i hope i will remeber all the steps: Install "Mini Tool Partition Wizzard" on your computer (free on the internet) Insert your SD Card in a Card reader not in the phone; Save all data from your SD Card by copying it to your computer if your SD Card was already mounted into your phone. (Don’t skip this part if you want your app work again); Open Mini Tool / select your SD Card letter / delete partition/ apply; Select your SD Card letter again / create / primary / FAT32 / chose your new partition size about 6 Gb on an 8Gb SD Card (to remain at least 2 Gb unallocated) / apply Select the unallocated partition / create / primary / FAT 32 / apply; (this is the part where i made a mistake : i tried to make an ext2 partition but the phone didnt recognized it. so you have to make 2 partitions, both primary, both FAT32) Copy all your saved data from computer to SD Card (in the FAT32 partition that Windows can see); Insert the SD Card into your phone; Open Link2Sd app from your phone; App will request to choose the file system / select FAT32 / OK; Restart your phone / tap OK; Open Link2SD if it doesn’t itself / tap the funnel icon / tap on internal; Tap options (on the left of home button) / multiselect / select all Now tap actions /create link; Select all 3 options link application file, link dalvic-cache file,link library files / tap OK. Now Link2Sd will move all your app to SD Card on the Ext2 partition. Please wait for a few seconds; To move all new app by default on SD Card tap settings / tick Auto link / Auto Link settings / tick all three options. i noticed that if you restart the phone for any reason, link2sd will ask you if you want to recreate the script or if you want a quick reboot. you have to choose quick reboot. also, you have to recreate all of your widgets. as a solution for this, i unlinked all the widgets. (i found a short tutorial on the net about how to use link2sd and i adapted a bit. i hope you understand how to fix the problem)
  6. hi all. after a lot of trouble I changed the rom of my ascend g 300. now I'm proud to use Cyanogen 10.2. everything works fine for me but i still have a (small) problem : I can't use anymore Link2SD. it's an app from Google play - I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I have a Kingston SD card - 32 GB. I formatted it with Minitool partition wizard : 26 gb FAT 32 and another 3 gb formatted "2ext". After I inserted the card in the phone, Link2SD said it cant use the 2ext partition - "cant make a script" or something like this... do you know a solution for solving this ? or, maybe you know another app capable to move the apps on the SD card ? thank you.
  7. @sharkyo01 thank you very much - eventually I fixed the phone all by myself :) @kyan31 it's exactly what I did :) . thank you for your quick feedback :)
  8. hi all. i need your expertise to help me to resuscitate an ascend g 300. i tried to install cyanogen 10.2 but something went wrong. now, after a reboot, i see the huawei logo, the phone vibrates for a second, after that the display turns black and the logo appears again... any chance to fix it ? thank you.
  9. where in the computer can i find the imei-backup ? this is prolly my last chance to find my imei, as i lost the case of the phone... LE : heh - i got my imei from my phone - just removed de battery and saw it...
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