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  1. Hello sferg410, My understanding is that you must be rooted to S-OFF your device and since you don't want to root your device. I suggest you shoot an email to the developers of REVONE and see if there is an update coming, or if it's even possible to S-OFF without root...I don't have an answer to that because i am not a developer but I do like to take risk and experiment with new Roms....Again good luck finding answers don't give up though...If there is a will there is a way.....
  2. OK here is a question to your guys which may sound silly but i am curious to know. What is Xposed and what does it do? I tried to look for it in the play store but I couldn't find it...
  3. Yes it does...When i had my S-OFF I was on Android Revolution 12.0 which is Jellybean 4.2.2...Just make sure you rename the file to REVONE before you start the process and make sure you have revone-0.2.1 than rename it once you download it...if for some reason it didn't work for you and you have a US Variant HTC One download the correct RUU for your device and reverse back to the original Rom. Which is really a long process but in the end its worth it...that website WWW.QBKING77.COM will have all the instructions you need to un-root unbrick your device than re-root and and toggle the S-OFF again...Just try to S-OFF before you go that route...and good luck...
  4. By the way Paul as far as not being able to see the call or answer the phone on the GPE rom and the freezing of the phone that issue has been solved by doing a factory rest than re-flashed beta 1 to 10 in recovery without the OTA update and it worked...but also the GPS despaired all together from the phone. The Google maps are there but the GPS has dispersed completely...I have read the whole post but it seems like i was the only one who had this problem...
  5. Hello Paul..LinnyUK and everyone here: I have had success with S-OFF by following the instruction on this website www.qbking77.com Tim Schofield the owner of the of the site has an excellent video explaining the S-OFF process. If you follow those instructions I am sure you will get S-OFF with no problem...The only thing you should do before you start the process is: on your computer rename the file from revone-0.2.1 to just REVONE only than follow the instructions on the video or on the site and i am sure it will work because it worked for me... Or copy the file to your phone than change the name there too it will also work...Good luck
  6. Hello everyone involved in this project...I Just want to say thanks for your efforts...I have been following this project since i heard about it on Android Central and i am totally a fan...I have been running beta 1-8 for a while and its running great with a few hick ups...mms...weather app not surviving switch...gps acting up...but nothing major...After I received the beta 10 update the weather app., mms., are still not surviving the switch which is not a big deal but the biggest problem i found was that when using GPe, calls do not come through. The phone rings but no caller ID or an option to pick up the call. The phone freezes until the caller hangs up and than the only way to know who called you is by going to the call log and see the missed calls...Other than that sense runs great. I have not tested everything but GPS works great now and MMS still not working. I have not tried to play with settings yet, but i just want to report on my findings so far.... Great Job...
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