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  1. i uploaded one version with not working camera but I forgot wich one it is. Download some other release.
  2. http://www.modaco.com/topic/365417-rom-u8833-411-emotionui-16-ported-from-c8813-b608-emotionui-16/?p=2160644 quote name="fonz93" post="2244768" timestamp="1419251189"]There is a fix somewhere in this forum (and htcmania) for calls problem. What do you mean with prepare? do you want a flashable .zip or an update.app?
  3. Get nerdy and find rom before May 11th. If you referring to kk rom. Use www.google.com :)
  4. don't worry, Luca won't leave modaco and all he did here so far was just the beginning :) He can't leave us ;)
  5. I was thinking your HuaweiQualcommRIL.java and one I send u. + ro.cdma.subscribe_on_ruim_ready=true E/PhoneBase( 1258): Error! registerForCallWaiting() in PhoneBase should not be called, CDMAPhone inactive.
  6. I don't know. We wait word from chil now :) I just did some research.
  7. // Hack for Lollipop // The system now queries for SIM status before radio on, resulting // in getting an APPSTATE_DETECTED state. The RIL does not send an // RIL_UNSOL_RESPONSE_SIM_STATUS_CHANGED message after the SIM is // initialized, so delay the message until the radio is on. @Override public void getIccCardStatus(Message result) { if (mState != RadioState.RADIO_ON) { mPendingGetSimStatus = result; } else { super.getIccCardStatus(result); } } @Override protected void switchToRadioState(RadioState newState) { super.switchToRadioState(newState); if (newState == RadioState.RADIO_ON && mPendingGetSimStatus != null) { super.getIccCardStatus(mPendingGetSimStatus); mPendingGetSimStatus = null; } } }
  8. CAF version for Y300: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q5cao8leg2dy93d/LS-KK-v3.2-2014-11-30-u8833.zip Pretty much same except browser has no white boxes and a/v issue with Skype still remain. It's not a kernel issue. I tested it before. EDIT: Recorded videos can't be played :( Don't know why yet. edit// logcat: backtrace: stack:
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