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  1. Paul, is the Kitchen not available for AdFree members...? I've tried checking http://www.modaco.com and I'm logged in there as well but no Bake-button... tried on a computer I've never been using before so it shouldn't be a cookie issue... //Nik
  2. Duh... I probably did... sorry :) Thanks!!! ... and keep up this awesome work, it's VERY appreciated! ...oh! BTW... what are the chances of getting Voice Dialling initiated by BT to work? //Nik
  3. Just a quick note... installed FR11 with Ginger Theme today and the notification clock is black, i.e. not visible... //Nik
  4. Thanks for getting the Custom ROMs started Paul! Quick q on this ROM... I'm a frequent user of Voice Dialer and I am missing the feature of initiating it from my BT headset on this ROM... do you know if it's do-able/fixable? //Nik
  5. Go into your Access Point settings and check if a proxy is configured for the connection. Remove if it is... Test again.. /Nik
  6. Has anyone managed to use GAL anywhere else but while writing an e-mail? You can't seem to use it when scheduling a meeting and there is no way in Contacts to search GAL, to find a phone number for instance...? //Nik
  7. I don't get that.... where'd you get your phone? I bought mine through Googles site, shipped to Sweden... Now how the h**l is Google gonna know not to send the update to it? Doesn't make sense... /Nik
  8. + Uninstall feature when holding app over trashbin... //Nik
  9. Just got my N1 yesterday, and started with unlocking Bootloader/Superboot/RA Recovery and made a "regular" Nandroid backup (no ext)... Is that enough to be able to go back to original at a later date? //Nik
  10. You need to push it via ADB... /Nik
  11. Really?... I've been using mine for a little more than 24 hours now, coming from LCR 1.2.3 and as far as 2.1 ROM goes it's dang fast! Stable... no reboots, fast dialer and so on... The only thing that slowed it down a tad is the live wallpaper... but I can live without it... or with a bit of lag... //Nik
  12. It works with the correct superboot.... //Nik
  13. Ouch! I see your point... and accept the explanation... i guess it's easier when in my case when I actually know the people involved. //Nik
  14. Sorry about the OT but I just don't get that... how come americans are so unwilling to ship outside the continental states?? If someone is willing to pay the shipping (you can FedEx to Sweden for 20 bucks) then why not? This is not a flame, I'm just curious since I see it a lot and I know for a fact that it's not that much of a difference from shipping nationally, I have done it myself and I have american relatives that do to me when I live in Sweden... Just wondering... //Nik
  15. You need to have ADB up and running.... there is loads of threads and guides here in the Acer forum. When you do you can put the APK in the same folder as you adb.exe and then start a Command Prompt in the directory of you ADB, then type: adb remount (you should get a successful message) adb push CorCal.apk /system/app (it should send the file to your phone) adb reboot (your phone should reboot) //Nik
  16. Angio, any chance you might be able to include the CorCal.apk in the next release? Do you know what's up with the Facebook sync? //Nik
  17. Sorry... I don't use that myself although I know people looking... if I hear something, I'll post... //Nik
  18. I'm pretty sure this is where I got mine... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=10 //Nik
  19. I use CorCal.apk in 1.7 and it works just great. You can't install it as any APK though, you have to push it: adb remount adb push CorCal.apk /system/app adb reboot //Nik
  20. This is becoming a huge social experiment.... "How long can a bunch of forum nerds wait for a cellphone ROM?" :D //Nik
  21. If I remember right it has been said since the release that there will be an update for Liquid shipped in 2009 and devices shipped in 2010 will have the update preinstalled... //Nik Edit: Just realized by my sig that I haven't posted in quite a while.... or I would have noticed the extremely old sig.... cool
  22. Another Liquid in GBG.... nice.... //Nik
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