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  1. Sorry to hear about your problem Cheng. If (like me) you'd bought your phone from an Orange dealership or from the Orange website, then under the Sale of Goods Act, your contract would be with them. However, if you didn't buy your phone from any Orange outlet but from a third party supplying the SPVC500 with an Orange connection, your contract under the Sale of Goods act is with the people who supplied you with the phone and NOT with Orange. Technically the OCS bod is right - they weren't obliged to replace you first phone (so you're lucky they did, and probably only did so because of me asking for sample phones with dusty screens) and until any guarantees you got from the people who supplied the phone run out, Orange won't be obliged to do anything. Again, technically your only totally legal course of action is to contact your supplier, tell them that Orange has classed the screen dust issue as a fault and get your supplier to replace the handset for you. Remember that our original beef was with Orange as SUPPLIER, not with Orange as manufacturer (that's HTC!) as that's the only way they have any liability under the Sale of Goods Act. All clear..? :?: Steve (ps. name-dropping often works against you with customer service guys unless it's their immediate superior or they know them, and even then it's a BAD idea. Contacts are there to get things done if you ask them directly, not so you can use their names to get things done.)
  2. I do have Orange Care (had my first handset replaced without it tho), and have never been charged the £15 fee. The dust issue is a manufacturing fault and the handset should be replaced under warrantee, regardless of whether you have Orange Care (which is essentially to cover for handset replacement in the event of accidental damage) or not. I'd call them. Steve
  3. The headset issue is one thing that Orange do class as a fault - it's a known problem (I had it with my 1st handset) that they normally remedy with a handset replacement. Steve
  4. I've learned never to trust the word of the Orange customer service peeps who answer your 150 queries, especially when it comes to technical queries; I've only spoken to one who actually knew anything about the workings of a mobile phone (he happened to own a SVP C500 too). If I have a question that needs more than a 'hang on a mo while I check what the customer service system tells me' response, I always ask to speak to someone in authority or a technical specialist. I bet they didn't even understand what a '3rd gen' handset was - it's a phrase we use on this forum and I've used with my Orange contact but I'm not sure it's that widely used. Steve.
  5. Well, you'll still need to clean it from time to time and they won't guarantee against dirt getting in either, so I guess not! Steve.
  6. If you *really* want it back, there are operations they can do... 8) Steve.
  7. I know what he meant - I just thought I'd rattle his cage and see if he came out ranting... :D Steve
  8. Yes, I agree - it is a shame (I took the liberty of correcting your spelling.) Steve.
  9. I called OCS about 30 mins ago and they'll be replacing my handset (again - this will be no. 5!) via courier tomorrow. I queried about the £15 fee that you've mentioned and apparently it's a clause in the Orange Care terms & conditions that they reserve the right to charge it depending on how many claims you've made. However, I pointed out that this fault is not an insurance claim for damage etc - it's a manufacturing fault, which should be covered under warranty. I didn't get much further at this point, so I suggest you call them again and this reitterate that screen dust issue is a warranty claim NOT an insurance claim. If you don't get any further, ask to speak to the OCS supervisor or send me a PM and I'll see if I can do anything more... Steve.
  10. Odd - I've had several messages from people (and there are already several posts in this and another discussion) saying they've rang customer services and had no problems getting their phones replaced. Let us know what happens... Steve
  11. Wow - this is all very flattering but I just used a well known principle in customer relationships - there's power in numbers. It's simply a matter of critical mass - as long as any customer believes they are essentially alone in their complaints, they can feel isolated and a midset of "I'll put up with it" can set in, and as long as a supplier can keep the customer believing that (either deliberately or just as a side-effect of their systems in this case) they don't have to do anything about it. However, when a large number of customers realise they have a similar issue - that they're not a tiny minority - that mindset can change quite dramatically. Add to the mix a public method of airing those grievances (i.e. the online petition, which now has 216 signatures BTW) which the supplier is made aware of, then the supplier suddenly has not just a large number of customer complaints, but a PR issue too. I simply found every orange email address I could and sent them an email pointing them to the relevant Modaco forum discussions and the online petition, and every time the number of signatures reached a significant number (30, 50, 100 I think) sent them another email announcing it. They called me inside a week. This isn't the first time I've done something like this, and I guess it won't be the last either. Steve
  12. As I said in a previous post, Orange shops will have old stock already in - they don't tend to do JIT (just in time) supplying AFAIK. This back stock will be 1st & 2nd gen handsets (I suspect mostly 2nd gen now) so I reckon wherever you go to get one for the next month or two (maybe more..?) you'll NOT get a 3rd gen. You're more likely to get one of them (again just a suspicion) if you have a handset and call for a replacement. Whichever way you go, chances are it'll take a while to get a 3rd gen handset. However, if you send your phone back to HTC (with the attendent wait) they'll service your handset and modify it to 3rd gen standards so in theory it shouldn't happen again. Steve.
  13. Orange is doing the replacement by courier, not HTC. HTC will still service your phone if you want, with a £15 fee and a week or more wait (though most people on Modaco who've used it say 5 days is about average). So, if you ask Orange for a REPLACEMENT you will NOT get your old handset back (so, if it's already unlocked, the new one will be locked). If you send it to HTC they will service your EXISTING handset, so anything modifications like unlocking etc. will (should?) still be there. Steve.
  14. If you have a 3rd gen handset, then the dust issue ideally should not happen. Having said that, I'm not holding out too much hope. Chances of you having a 3rd gen handset are very slim at the moment as HTC and Orange have only just made the modifications and there are probalby thousands of 1st and 2nd gen handsets already in the supply chain, just waiting to be snapped up, then angrily returned for replacements! Steve.
  15. 'Fraid so - I had a silver one as my second handset (on no. 4 now!) and it had the dust problem. Was 2nd gen I think so wasn't as bad, but the call and end-call buttons stopped working so I got a replacement. Steve.
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