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  1. Well, a developer (from SlimROMs team) named rebelos brought Caf Kernels (both 3.4 & 3.10) for Redmi 1S :D The 3.10.40 was released about 2 hrs ago :) http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-1s/orig-development/dev-caf-kernel-la-bf-03110-t3095164 These developers are really the life of the device now ! armani-dev (Kra1o5 & fefifofum aka jsevi83) were the first to give life to development ! We are now having pretty much amount of developers - both ROM and Kernel (come and see - they are more than cherry pickers :P ) I was wondering about @moddingg33k when i saw my device got 3.10 kernel :) I would like to know more about 3.10.y kernel,how it is beneficial for development.. Can you explain a bit? :) This little budget beast is now touching the moon !! Xiaomi couldn't make the users happy with their heavy OS,But come on in XDA to see the choices Official Mokee Official SlimLP Official Blisspop Official AICP Well at the cost even less than Y300 (at my place) with better Specs than Moto G , Redmi 1S is the king here :) Edit:- To use the phone as a phone had to get rid of MiUi Running CM12.1 R4 with Xcelerate kernel (this is the minimalistic kernel)
  2. Xiaomi Redmi 1S with Mokee L :) :) Soon have chances for going official for CM12.1 :D
  3. This was the concern from i bought the device ! It has low volume in all ROMs which haven't included the audiolibs ! But the heck audio libs can't be implemented on stock !
  4. If you work on 3.10 kernel on Moto G ! I bet someone someday port it to my device ! It's Xiaomi Redmi 1S with same brach advanced soc with less than half of the price :D (msm8228 uses same caf branch as msm8226) We've CM11 build running on Caf built kernel :) Always owe you :) waiting for MiUi 6 on march to get released :D Edit:-Oh Yeah you can also consider this device :)
  5. Not yet ! Devs are now trying to make CAF kernel compatible so that we can use official display hals and media-caf instead of legacy things ! So that future updates would be easier too ! Development is slowed down i think because next month a new android is about to release :p
  6. They are boosting their phones too :D Currently on Redmi 1S B-)
  7. Zenfone 2 is Awwww !! As majority of brand now is taken india as it's market place i wouldn't have trouble getting one :D :D But i heard the battery usage is high on Zenfones :( Even after release of kernel source,none of their phones are having any development (Even not Kernels) why is that so? Redmi 1S kernel source is released and is standing on it's feet slowly :)
  8. This device would be a killer option for indian users ! @8999 compared to @12000 for moto G 2014 With doorstep replacement repair
  9. This device would be a killer option for indian users ! @8999 compared to @12000 for moto G 2014 With doorstep replacement repair
  10. it will actually beat all phones in the price :O
  11. Update : Micromax Announced a S615 based phone accompanied with CyaogenMod(Wow) @ $145 ! 64bit Armv8 1.5GH octa core with 2GB RAM Adreno 405 13MP camera + 5MP front 4G ready :O :O :O :O :O :O I wanna know your opinion @Zolalll http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/yu-yureka-with-64-bit-octa-core-soc-cyanogen-os-launched-at-rs-8999-636439
  12. I've 21K antutu score on my device(Redmi 1S) :lol: ,but on software side MiUi isn't pretty good optimized ! They are eyecandy and feature rich , But i miss bugless AOSP :( But can't resist on loving Mi for exceptional hardware on this price ! (Less than for what i buy Y300)
  13. Good bye Luca ! Go Rock the Moto G 2nd Gen,if you had told it earlier i would be buying Moto G 2014 instead Xiaomi Redmi 1S !! Missing this Forum alot...all the fun with flashing thingies ! Still waiting for kernel source to be released for Redmi so that will rock as my Y300 did !! This month it will be released ! Mainly miss AOSP MOD + Synopsis Kernel combo...i wish they had with all my devices forever ! (H3ROS &moddingg33k) Best of luck for everyone and happy Christmas !
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