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  1. Please, Please! Supporting for dual sim devices!!!!
  2. Does this rom support dual sim devices (G510-0010)?
  3. on headphones ... when I increase bass level about 50%, bass sound doesn't present good and stable.
  4. I have try to follow your way but it's unsuccesfully. Sim-card still doesn't work :(((
  5. Can you guide me step by step?
  6. Oh if you can, please to send me a stock rom :) ... I want have it to use in some other case and support Vietnamese people that using this devices. :) ... Good man!!!!
  7. OMG! I'm waiting it... Thanks u! I will try it. Hoping it will work well Edit: Good good... it have work very good. 3G have does work and the error cannot hang up is fixed ... Thanks u so much!!!
  8. Oh thanks u, but I'm using G510-0010 (dual sim). Will this rom does work well?
  9. Oh, regrettable! I haven't enough money to pay it :( ... I'm going to carry my phone to Huawei center to up stock rom with cheaper price. Thanks u so much!
  10. Thanks u, I have flash Universal Vendor that you send me, but I still doesn't work good. 3G does work and cannot hang up phone :(((( I'm using Lewa Rom... I cannot flash stock rom again, it always fail. My rom version is G510-0010V100R001C549C178 but I cannot find it on the internet or this forum.
  11. Have other way to process this problem? Now, I'm using custom rom. I have unlock bootloader so I cannot flash stock rom use update.app file It's always fail at the step 2/2 installing...

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