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  1. You have to edit 'build.prop' by changing from ro.config.low_ram=true into ro.config.low_ram=false After that you save that file and reboot. ​Once rebooted, got to Settings -> Lock Screen -> Tap Enable Multiple Widgets Lock your phone (using power button, LOL), turn back on, swipe down the clock widget and: SWIPE TO RIGHT = launch camera app SWIPE TO LEFT = add more widgets options. There, I hope it helps you a lot. :)
  2. You sure about that? I will revert back to Dalvik then. Did Google just misleading about ART feature?
  3. For KitKat, only left sides can be added with widgets. Are you sure you did not see the '+' sign?
  4. I don't know why I still have front facing camera for recording issue. Recording with front camera causes app to crash. BTW, I using latest CM 11. Do I have to reflash everything?
  5. Hi, can guide me how to enable 'OK Google'? Everytime I say 'OK Google' my phone does not respond.
  6. So far using 23.12 version on Y300, everything working smoothly, except some bugs; NOTE: Everything bugs occur is during ART usage. 1. Front facing camera for recording is crashed. 2. Some apps that had moved to SD card which placed on Google Experience Launcher homescreen is gone for every reboot. (However some are still there) 3. Yep, fake lock animation. 4. Is this considered as ok, after I selected USE SD CARD AS MAIN STORAGE my [sD card] turns out to be internal storage while [internal storage] became SD card? However, no serious bug or crashes reported. Good ROM with great battery life, loud sound, and low RAM. Keep it up Dazzozo. :D
  7. It will be appreciated if Dazzozo add SIM management apps such as stock contact apps which can store and display numbers from SIM card. Or is there any other alternative apps for this?
  8. It seems my phone Y300 camera app crash when i switch front facing camera for recording. But it's ok fron facing camera for taking picture. BTW, any idea how to make 'OK GOOGLE' to work?
  9. URGENT, TWRP ver and CM 11 (22/12) But now I still stuck at bootloop. Please help me. EDIT: Solved by reflashing again. Anyone notice the softkeys buttons are too bright?
  10. Hello, sorry for ask, Using TWRP, do I have just to wipe to factory reset or use advanced wipe? Mind to tell which things do I have to wipe?
  11. Sorry for n00b question. I noticed my Y300 internal USB mass storage is almost full. (#The storage I meant is when my phone connected to PC) Is it safe for me to delete all the files, including TWRP file? EDIT: Updated to and the dancing battery issue is gone. ^_^
  12. Most of fellow in this forum got problems related to unlocking process. Here's what most people got into problem; 1. You had requested unlock code by fill in all your information by using official Huawei Unlock Request website. # In fact you have triple check all the information you'd gave. 2. Wait, wait, wait, wait, .... 3. Receive e-mail, "I'M SORRY, THE INFORMATION YOU'D GAVE IS INCORRECT" 4. WTF?!!! 5. Resend again. 6. Repeat procedure 2-5. Tired this method? Well here's the last method. Try request unlock code via this e-mail address; [email protected] (it's different than the bot e-mail) Tell them that the request website is not working. Instead you provide them all the information from step 1. And another day to wait, wait, wait, and wait... - until they reply to you. Awkwardly, it's working for me. (Well at least a loaf of bread is better than none)
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