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  1. last one worked, because I left phone unlocked in debug mode. thanks again! :)
  2. Hi. After my G300 dropped, lcd start behave strangely and often won't turn on. Phone itself working, I can receive calls etc. But from one day lcd is completely dead and nothing can be seen. So how I can download data/contacts from phone without seen anything on screen? I have installed B953 Slim V13 (http://www.modaco.com/topic/362085-best-rom/page-4?hl=%2Bmagyg#entry2160718). Thnx
  3. MagyG

    Best ROM?

    Hi dalyer. Sorry for late answer, I was a bit busy. You're right, I do not make many calls, neither use phone for gaming or movie watching, intensively browsing (stupid idea to do it on 4" screen, if I have 15" and 24" available, right?) or any another battery consuming activity. I have phone mostly "to be available and when I need to call or text". I know, for such simply reason it would enough dumb non-smartphone, half size and weight, cost 30Eur and stay ready for week or more. But sometimes I need to check emails, also using phone for ebay trade, geocaching, using camera and some another apps. It's better to have one device for all those things, than buy more devices just for exact use. I decided to wipe built-in mod because was full of vodafone and other crap, constantly running and not possible to kill it. It's also about lifestyle. For example, one of first thing, what I want to kill, was social apps, such a facebook or g+ and similar. I think people should live a priori real life and THEN share something interesting with friends or family, if it's worth it. And believe me, 90% of FB posts are worthless. People live virtual life and are trapped for checking status every couple minutes, who post what... Mostly because they have no idea how to turn off those apps (and be frank, most of them are not possible to turn off), so they get used to be "online" all the time. I do not prefer same lifestyle attitude and even I don't like it, I must accept running facebook all the time. So I change mod and it's much better. Besides lifestyle is also important, that I can't use phone in work. It's safety restriction, as we working with sensitive and valuable customer data, private things, accounts and credit card numbers and so on... So phone is switched to airplane mode and stored in locker room, almost full 8 hrs. During night also I don't need to be disturbed by anybody, by intention or mistake, so another 4-5 hours is again in airplane mode. That's huge saving of energy and even I have such settings with previous mod, not too much difference I get, because even in airplane mode many apps and processes running and consume energy. I do not use any data, all data sync are via home or work wifi. I have prepay program, and it's quite enough for me, 25 euro charge can last for 2-3 months. I hope it's good enough answer. If you need to know more, just let me know. :)
  4. MagyG

    Best ROM?

    B953 Slim V13 - result: almost 5 days without charger. Not bad, not bad :)
  5. MagyG

    Best ROM?

    ovecka - diky! nova launcher som zrusil, ten mi nesadol, ale ROMka slape a ten rozdiel je citelny, aj v spotrebe aj odozve.
  6. MagyG

    Best ROM?

    Ovecka diky, dam vediet ako som dopadol ;)
  7. MagyG

    Best ROM?

    Hi. Probably you'll all laugh, but even I go through many articles, I couldn't found some satisfaction answer. :wacko: And what's the question is? Simple (and difficult altogether): Which ROM for G300 U8815 (2030 baseband vers.) is good in those viewpoints: - free of all stupid apps such a qype, google+, facebook, fmradio, talk and similar... - good stability and battery lifetime. (no crashes, no restarts, no lags, easy to kill running apps...) Mostly I use it (except calling and messaging, of course) for navigation, geocaching and some e-mails quick check. Sometimes I launch Word Hero or simple card games, but it's pointless. I do not use it for gaming, video/movie watching or multimedia. So this ROM can be also free of any multimedia player. So... any suggestion? Will be really appreciated. Thanks! :)

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