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  1. Did u make a backup? If so you should restore it. I would also recommend installing philz touch recovery http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2281367 and then try flashing switch. For a wifi fix check out http://d-h.st/users/DjeMBeY/?fld_id=16262#files download the one that corresponds with your firmware and flash via Odin as Phone. I dont know why Odin wont let you flash Stock firmware. Maybe try to wipe everything from recovery and update odin if you can and try again... goodluck
  2. It happens to me to. I also get a Facebook sync apps login thing as well..
  3. My friend has got the beta and he had to go into his recovery to install it. It was in a folder called ota update I believe. I dont get the beta till tomorrow -_-
  4. When you flash the Stock TW firmware you will lose Root and your custom recovery. You should flash via Odin then once that is done you will need to use Odin again to flash TWRP or some other custom recovery. Then once your stock TW is up and running with a custom recovery put both of the Switch files and the supersu file if you want root on your sdcard and install them switch 1 then switch 2 then supersu. then hope it all works
  5. TW firmware I9505XXUBMGA_I9505OXXBMG3_BTU.zip (1.59 GB) https://mega.co.nz/#!gUxlmL5T!XMdw0hgSAspJrKa8KMqT-mE2ECkVKX2AIeXK7k9ttcE
  6. im uploading it to mega ill post the link when it is done
  7. check out the store and buy a silver or gold account then you will get the download on tuesday
  8. If you use root explorer and go into data/app you can tell if your rom is odexed or not. If you see .odex files next to your apks then you ARE odexed. I believe i saw in previous posts that the rom is deodexed though but i could be wrong. Im still waiting for the download :/ so i cant be sure
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe all GSM phones use a SIM card if it doesnt have a sim card then your phone is CDMA
  10. Hey Paul! Congrats on the beta! I just signed up for the silver account. I know you just got it out to the indigogo pledger's. In regards to releasing it for the people who have paid for an account through the store I was curious when that may be. My wife has to work tomorrow and I dont so it would be a great day to test it out! :) Thanks
  11. Hey Paul! I am an idiot and missed out on the indiegogo fundraiser as well! Is there anyway I can still donate and get in on the pre-release as well please?!?!
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