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  1. Currently updating to the build 10-23, however, on 10-21 Soundcloud caused the phone to reboot when trying to start a music.
  2. BillGaitas

    Unlock your bootloader

    I've already submitted the form 2 times, and they said they can't find any code. I'm sending a email to [email protected] to see if that gets sorted out. If that doesn't work, how am I supposed to install a recovery and ROM?
  3. Hey everyone, just want to make sure about one thing. This ROM seems to be designed for use on the Y300, however, it seems like it can be installed on a G510-0100 without a problem out of the box. Is that correct? Or do I need to do some tweaking to run this on the G510-0100? For what it's worth, i'm running B171, Vodafone Portugal. EmotionUI is a colossal piece of trash, and the battery and RAM usage really suck. Oh, and the Vodafone apps suck too. I'm waiting for Huawei to send me the code to unlock the bootloader, I really need to get some kind of difrent ROM for the device. According to the posts here, this seems to be a nice ROM. Cheers.

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