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  1. dying to see a new section in the ROM list for Android 5.x.x ;)
  2. slimkat stable 9.0 is out. probably the last one in slimkat series.
  3. Installed this rom, first thing I tried is Skype call and my phone rebooted. tried again after reboot and again rebooted. so went back to AOSP 209. :(
  4. is anyone using Skype or Hangout video calls on this ROM? how is it?
  5. how is the battery life? is it based on CM 11 nightly 29 July? are there any plans for the regular updates? i.e weekly / fortnightly / monthly?
  6. Hi H3ROS, as you are preparing for the update and going to change the OOM values, kindly tune these values such that we can have maximum multitasking. thanks in advance.
  7. I am having the google keyboard typing double letters issue. installed TouchPal from play store and issue resolved.
  8. will any developer here port latest MIUI based on kitkat for Y300?
  9. you need to disable the screenoff animation from Settings > Display > CRT Animation = Don't Show
  10. i've observe the same on luzactive governer. I am using interactie now, better than luzactive. but the delay is still there. also the min freq is 196
  11. Hi CHIL360 thanks a lot for this wonderful rom. by the way, any plan for correcting the frequency table as http://www.modaco.com/topic/372980-kernel-bug-report-acpuclock-7627-frequency-table-selection/
  12. this happens to me when my wifi router is on but the internet is down :P ;) :D
  13. so far nobody tested. everybody is waiting for a volunteer. :P :D :o
  14. Hi Luca020400, thanks for the reply. by the way, do you suggest to install SwapDrogonX on this ROM? if yes, which one? V1 or V2? has anyone tried Swapdragon on this rom?
  15. Hi Chil360, I am with Slimkat 6.2 do you suggest to install SwapDrogonX on this ROM? if yes, which one? V1 or V2? has any one tried it on latest SlimKat? by the way, thanks for your awesome work. This ROM is very good.
  16. how is the performance? any lags? slowdowns? does it have hardware acceleration? which GPU driver is used in this ROM? what is the Antutu Score? how is the battery life? sorry too many questions but I need to know :P :D ;)
  17. Long press on the notification in notification bar and select "Enable Heads up"
  18. +1 this is posted in the Slimkat topic: might be you make a use of it H3ROS spanitzer, on 02 Jul 2014 - 1:26 PM, said:
  19. May be it's my bluetooth headset, but it is not working even I flashed the latest entire ROM with full wipe.
  20. It's just me or someone also having issues with the Bluetooth headset. it was working fine with the old ROM and B200 stock kernel. It stops working after I've installed update_3.zip today. :(
  21. Hi, just tried the stock B200 Kernel and yes, you are right, bluetooth works fine. not sure about the lags, but will report later. sorry, I didn't see that private message. anyway, I am downloading the stock ROM as well, just in case needed. ;) :D
  22. bad news for me. but I believe you may figure out the issue and will fix it for sure. ;) :D
  23. EMMC is your memory card. please format your card and try again with the update. if you still get this error after that, try fixing permissions in the recovery.
  24. Go to http://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobile-phones/support/downloads/y300-en.htm and select appropriate version (Select UK version if you are in UK else use the general version) once downloaded, unzip the zip file and you will get a dload folder with update.app file inside. copy this dload folder to the root of an SD card. (empty SD card preferable) . then power off the Phone. once power off, press Vol + & Vol - and Power button together and keep it pressed until the update start on screen. once done, you may able to boot into the updated stock ROM. now you may do whatever you want. (like flash custom recovery, rom, SU etc).
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