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  1. volume rocker wake don't work for me. it works fine on other ROMs. i really need this because my power button don't work properly. any idea?
  2. My phone doesn't go to deep sleep! Where is the problem? (sorry for my bad english) p.s: the only app i have installed and maybe cause problem is greenify.
  3. After testing couples of Roms this is absolutely best rom for y300. thank you soooo much kra1o5
  4. yes i meant this. good feature for our phone as press power button with one hand is annoying.
  5. thanks for this great rom Tillaz. do you can put "Knock Knock" or "Knock On" feature available on LG G2 on next update? i heard there is a kernel for it so would you please have a look? (Sorry bad English ;) )
  6. awesome Rom Thanks man. wish you Could release one more bulid of this :D
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