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  1. a new update from gravitybox is out.. It's possible to download directly from the phone or we should wait new patch from tillaz?
  2. ahah..same for me..i'm still with the b03 :P
  3. taio.doio

    Bluetooth Audio Fix

    I've tryed to add "44100" but with the Car Bluetooth system (Blue&Me by Fiat) i can't still hear nothing.. (Y300 - fusionX b03)
  4. This is the "final" 04 or you will update it next Saturday? (i've read something about that in prev. page..) however thanks for your work!..
  5. Good..in this way the gallery work great.. emh..just a little thing..i've deleted for error the .zip file generated in the sd card after flashing the rom (CM-"something"..i don't remember the exact name of the archive).. it was something very important? i need to restore it? (i don't know how..) thanks!
  6. So i should flash the apk with the new gallery (and camera) and add this lib.. right? EDIT: i've tryed to flash and add your libs..but nothing change..tap on "pencil" and gallery still crash.. Maybe adding this lib with your app (FusionX default gallery)..the edit mode should work..
  7. I've tryed to install it from the phone (deleting from System\app Camera e GoogleGallery.apk) and it work.. Then i've tryed to flash it from recovery for transform it in a System App..and when i tap on a pencil icon (for edit a photo) the gallery stop working..as with the previous gallery (default on FusionX rom).. How it can be possible?
  8. Sorry..someone know what's the apk for the gallery's "Editing mode"? I try to ask it again because i don't want to flash all the apk removed.. :D Thanks a lot! :)
  9. ok! thank you! Another thing (sorry..i'm very boring..i know.. :blush: ) what's the app for photo editor?
  10. Great!!! I need to flash it from recovery or i can just install it from the phone?
  11. Someone know if ther's a way to run this app on our device? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.abiondo.app.gautotoggle&hl=it thanks..:)
  12. i don't know if it's a bug or not.. but after a while using google search, Maps,.. the "Data connection" stop working. If i close the app (in background) the connection restart to work.. (All the APN are ok..i've just uncheck "always on data" for save my battery..and i use "greenPower" for manage the connection during stand-by..)
  13. Done!..and everything's ok! thank you!
  14. i've got 2 "internal storage"..MicroSD..and onother one like "SD-.ext"... I need to select all except those?

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