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  1. I didn't found it smoother than aosp / stock / cm 10.1 by fonz. Sorry but these roms (aosp / stock / cm 10.1) stay in my top 3
  2. Maybe try this rom, it's nearly stock without bloatware http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=729457
  3. Actually with aosp installed : When i try to install another rom via twrp, zip install goes normally, but when i choose "reboot", twrp says "no os installed" I tried with different zip and same results... Any idea ?
  4. How can i know what version of rom is installed on my phone ? I know it's aosp but not the version (date). Thx
  5. Sometimes, SMS notifications doesn't work. I think it's when i leave sms app open, then lock the phone. When sms arrive, there's no led blink, no sound, no vibration. When i unlock, no notification in satus bar, but there's an unread sms in the thread. In other cases, led blink, sound and vibration works normally. I use the stock app, anyone noticed this ? Thx
  6. Does anyone tried hotspot wifi function ? My computer connected correctly to y300 wifi hotspot but the connection is limited ? Any idea ? Thanks
  7. I don't use viber, but did you tried to delete the host file ? Maybe contact oe pictures are blocked by host file ?
  8. Is there white boxes on pictures (web browser for ex) ? That's the only thing that made me leave slimkat...
  9. Depends on people (depends on phone/sd/apps/ in fact). For me it's slow too, don't know why, but it's fast for most of people...
  10. I got same problem. I didn't succed to solve it.... This rom has never been fast fro me :(
  11. I got same problem. I didn't succed to solve it.... This rom has never been fast fro me :(
  12. I did a mms test yesterday (sending to another phone) and it works for me... Are you sure there's not a problem with your APN ?
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