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  1. Hmm what kernel sources? I did not build this kernel. Manfromnn did it. But this is not the latest kernel. Then i tried his last boot.img from his rom but with that boot he wifi is not working. So the boot.img i am using is earlier and it is great(except that wifi problem.)
  2. I am not developer, the kernel is from manfromn, I am just using the rom. Why anyone couldn't help him?
  3. Hmm, i will send you the boot.img I am using. Wifi modules are from manfromnn kitkat rom. Also the etc/firmware is from your rom. Here you are https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9D2Mk4McT95cHVDaDJQYmRZYjQ/edit?usp=sharing
  4. The rom is your 4.4.3, but the kernel is from Manfromnn. So manfromn must give you kernel source.
  5. Here is the logcat with wifi problems. It happens when I reboot device when wifi is turned on and connected. For now, I don't knwo how to fix it. Before I reboot, wifi worked excellent. Logcat with screenshots:
  6. Konstat, For me, the mic, the camera, sim card, everything is working, but sometimes wifi not working. When i turn off it doesn't turn on, and after reboot device the wifi turns on, but it doens't connect to network. When i open logcat file i see wpa suplicant error.I will give you logcat when i receive that error. ALso the device I am using is v790 roamer2 256mb ram single sim, and manfromn uses 512mr ram version dual sim.
  7. Yup you can try to modify xperia rom. But why do you want to use 2.3.6? Android ics 4.x is better.
  8. How can you brick? if you brick, it will only soft-brick. by installing rom, you cannot brick your phone. maybe the rom will not work, but youcannot brick the phone. if you are scared, then do nothing.
  9. why not. just flash it. and see if it work. first flash recovery then rom.
  10. Look, I will explain. There are four types of this phone. They are all zte v790 but. 1.ZTE v790 SINGLE SIM 512mb ram 2.ZTE v790 DUAL SIM 512mb ram 3.ZTE v790 SINGLE SIM 256mb ram 4.ZTE v790 DUAL SIM 256mb ram The bold one is that phone I have The underlined one is that phone Manfromnn have. For me, the sim is working well(only data is not working) but for manfromnn, the sim is not working(sim1 and sim2 not working)
  11. Yes, the rom is working on v790 device. But this is interesting. I have zte v790 with 256mb ram, and for me, the sim card is working. WHy does sim card not work on 512mb ram device? I just replaced libcm.so from my 2.3.6 rom, and my sim is working.
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