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  1. at Y300 HAL does not work external speakers I had the brunch tested with the cm10.2 it worked
  2. Hi, As a fundamental basis, the Y300 is taken for the G330 Replaced The audio driver from the G300: / system / lib / hw to Y300: / system / lib / hw audio.primary.msm7x27a.so audio_policy.default.so audio_policy.msm7x27a.so G300: / system / lib / libcm.so to Y300: / system /lib /libcm.so Changes to the build.prob rild.libpath = / system/lib/libril-qc-qmi-1.so to rild.libpath = / system/lib/libril-qc-1.so Greeting Daddel
  3. =================================== Since Fri Dec 13 03:17:48 UTC 2013 =================================== =================================== Since Thu Dec 12 11:01:44 UTC 2013 =================================== * frameworks/native 734374b Merge remote-tracking branch 'cm/cm-10.2' into cm-10.2 1bfc8ff fix corruption in Vector<> when malloc falied * packages/apps/CMAccount ef091b8 Fix for race condition after Google account setup. =================================== Since Wed Dec 11 03:01:27 UTC 2013 =================================== * frameworks/base 2d7344d CircleBattery : Use consistent padding for layoutDirection * packages/apps/Gallery2 7d6105a Gallery2: fix display abnormal when tap sharpness in filtershow 8ecb0c9 camera: Synchronize parameter use fcf9068 camera: Move smartscene indicator to the left 274e415 Camera: Dont reset camera state while capture is in progress. f7a73ff camera: Override color effect when scene mode is active =================================== Since Tue Dec 10 02:59:15 UTC 2013 =================================== * external/whispersystems/WhisperPush f1b270d Display contact name and number when reviewing identity keys * frameworks/base 682bf19 CircleBattery : Fix alignment regression from RTL * frameworks/opt/telephony 8f8813e Merge "Fix NRE on sending multipart texts." into cm-10.2 d368879 Fix NRE on sending multipart texts. * packages/apps/CMFileManager 654ec76 Merge "CMFileManager: PL translations" into cm-10.2 f0a4881 CMFM: Don't show the cancel button if action is non-cancellable * packages/apps/Gallery2 0df1be9 camera: Fix various issues with HFR 4370e3d Don't record audio for HFR or timelapse modes 8f01f08 Camera: Fix camcorder pause/resume issue af36c1f Revert "Camera: Fix camcorder crash during pause and resume" 892f5b7 Gallery2: fix FC when try to open video folder as MMS attachment 8ef301b Gallery2: Remove slideshow option if all files of the folder are video 177aa11 Camera: fix memory leak when switch and snapshot in front/back 659a590 Camera: Refresh parameters to avoid change on saved settings. f1adfc4 Gallery2: fix screen flashing after rotating pictures 0b9e20a Gallery2: fix FC when view the details of some pictures 11fe965 Gallery2: fix issue in readTag when parse Exif 243cd5e Gallery2: fix NPE when tap home key in FilterShowActivity dfdede5 Gallery2: Fix screen freeze when switch language several times 4238230 Gallery2: Can't slide to left and "Force Close" alert box pops up * vendor/cm 616219c Update changelog and contributors list =================================== Since Mon Dec 9 02:59:36 UTC 2013 =================================== * android 071469d Add WhisperPush * external/whispersystems/TextSecure 6726a35 Better handling for unregistered users on outgoing message. 0c6f66e Include libcurve25519 with TextSecure library * external/whispersystems/WhisperPush 34bfc73 Added license information * frameworks/base a396485 Add RTL variants for HSPAP H+ icon ef86fc5 CircleBattery : Add RTL support 5a2e9ff Fix bluetooth and data enable with ProfileManager 995a2b3 UserTile : Check if profile has a photo d034bb8 Show default profile name if no profile exists * packages/apps/Settings c435a27 Add security settings category for WhisperPush c6d6fe1 Bluetooth: Fix to show internet access as marked when pan is connected * vendor/cm cd20b56 Include WhisperPush with CyanogenMod build
  4. Yes http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/395/ http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/395/artifact/archive/cm-11-20131211-NIGHTLY-u8951.zip
  5. CM 10 for G330 http://www.android-hilfe.de/root-custom-roms-modding-fuers-huawei-ascend-g330/473100-rom-cyanogenmod10-20130914-y300-kra1o5-g330-port.html
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