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  1. Does anyone have an issue with the TW data working when you switch over to it? I have to go into settings, turn data off, and back on, choose gsm only, then back to lte/wcdma/gsm for date to start working. Also, does the I9505roms only say 4g when receiving LTE? I noticed on the TW side, it says 4g, not lte4g in the status bar, but it's definitely lte speeds.
  2. Noob here. So I have a tmo gs4 and I rooted it and flashed twrp on it. So where do I go from here? 1)get into recovery 2)Wipe phone 3)Do I flash the I9505..rom with TWRP or Odin? 4)select switch rom part 1 and 2 5)Here is where I am confused, I am already rooted and have superSU on my phone, so do I still need to select the supersu zip ? 6)Choose Reboot Sorry for the amateur questions. Thanks
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