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  1. HI i got i prob i got Modaco switch 13 (4,2.2) and now i want to get back to stock! But pro as im i forgot to do a backup with my stock rom, so i wounder if i just can download my cariers rom and flash it with twrp (like i did with the modacco rom) or do i have to do any thing else? Any help would be nice! /Noel
  2. Yes After days with problem and coulden`t get switch to work! but now when i installed beta 12 with S-ON support package! Could i switch with out any problems!! :3 I LOVE it! just need to see after some switches if it still works or its start too bootloop? But SO far so good! GREAT WORK PaulOBrien! :3!!!
  3. I still wounder if its just to wipe beta 12 and install beta 10with Twrp?:3
  4. Some one know the answear on my quest? I got beta 12? can i just Wipe it and istall beta 10?
  5. Sorry i thinked wrong i have always done wipe and then factory reset and then installed jsut BETA 12 and not installed SuperUS (im not rooted) and its still Bootloop when i try to switch to GPe! :(
  6. Okey i have done all that expect the "factory restore in the wipe" like 3 times and the result the same :(
  7. But i jsut wanna know if i can get into TWRP wipe it! (i got beta 12) and install beta 1 and 10 so i maybe even can use switch??
  8. Just let the phone die from batteri get to low. Then charge it/ get into recovery! Wipe data and install beta 12 again and its fixed or the first beta u installed on the phone true TWRP :)
  9. Can i just wipe beta 12 and install beta 1 and beta 10 like u did before paul uppgraded the link to just 12?
  10. And if i want too try the old Switch when u had to install beta 1 then beta 10 could i do it over beta 12 if i like wipe the phone first in TWRP? or how do i do?
  11. okej :( i havent even try switch yet because beta 12 wont work. But i wounder if i can root the phone even but i got the Switch rom? :3
  12. Guys if i dont want to use the Switch rom anymore is it just too factory reset the phone? i dont got any importent stuff i want to keep or any.
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