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  1. smokeintheeye

    Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    some one is copying your mod...... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2417600
  2. smokeintheeye

    Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    Do i need to flash MGA or will it still work on mf8? i got twrp and root working fine on mf8 thats all?
  3. smokeintheeye

    Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    just a quick up date. iv flashed with TWRP worked 1st time. then i rooted using twrp and the SWITH root file/zip and is all working good as far as i can tell WOOHOO now im making a full back up on my sd card. just need to get payed now so i can have a go with switch and GPe.
  4. smokeintheeye

    Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    ok nice one thanks... i will be getting silver next week when i get payed WOOHOO i just want to know if i can get a head start on my phone by flashing the custom recovery and the I9505XXUBMGA / I9505OXXBMG3 / I9505XXUBMGA ROM for Odin so im all good to go when i get the beta. i just want to know if i need root 1st to flash a custom recovery? do i need to flash the custom recovery and make a back up on a 2nd sd card before flashing to MGA? Or do i flash the recovery after flashing the ROM or do i need to flash recovery 1st make a back up. then flash the ROM and then reflash the recovery? sorry for been a NOOB iv never flashed an android os before. just jailbreak ios on iphones so this is all new. plus after i have got the ROM on can i use the SWITCHroot to root my s4 with TWRP brfore starting the beta or is it best to root after i have both TW and GPe roms on the phone with SWITCHbeta. thank you so much for all your time and help keep up the amazing work and as always have a nice day P.S one more thing do i need to flash to I9505XXUBMGA / I9505OXXBMG3 / I9505XXUBMGA ROM as the newest UK ROM for o2 is CSC i9505XXUBMF8 and that's the one im on at the min.
  5. smokeintheeye

    Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    HELLO and good morning to all at ModaCo and paulOBrien the founder. 1st off i have to say this mod looks and sounds amazing! Just wish id heard about it b4 now. so i cud have joined the BETA. i just have one or two things to as tho if thats ok? 1. I have read all the posts on this so far and just want to know can i still pay for the silver and get the beta? 2nd. i have just come from an iphone5 to a galaxy s4 i9505 on o2 and im still a bit lost on flashing things to my s4. but for now i just want to know if this will work on the s4 i have? iv added a screen shot so you can see what im running. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152134742484045&set=a.135842684044.135085.531879044&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf hope that worked? 3rd. will i need to root my s4 1st and will i need to root the TW and GPe and do both ROMs still get OTA updates? plus if anyone has some good info on rooting the s4 and making a custom recovery that will be a big help as the more i can learn the better things will go when the time comes to make the SWITCH lol. P.s keep up the good work this looks amazing a must have mod for all!!

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