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  1. Hey I can't get the Update from T-Card to work. Please help me. I have made the folder "image" on the root of the sd card, but nothing happens, either when I'm pressing volume up, or volume up + menu button. Any suggestions? I have all the files inside the folder. I found the system, boot, recovery, system .img files from cwm backup, and they were originally system.yaffs2.img and data.yaffs2.img. Is that a problem? Also, I downloaded RLS9 Japanese Jellyfish zip from the internet, I think it was MoDaCo thread. Is there a problem with this? I don't know how to get my image to my computer so I can get those files. I used the Partitioning tool for Windows in order to create custom partition sizes. What might be wrong? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey nice work but I had to push the CPU to 824mhz in order to see the KitKat effects. I have the V880 (167MB of RAM), and I am jealous of you guys for running this ROM stable

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