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  1. This ROM is good, i really appreciate the lockscreen notifications and the KK phone dealer. Battery drain is worse than stock rom. This night i had a big drain from com.android. systemui. It is related to pocket mode?
  2. Sorry for noob question, in the first post it is wirtten that the beta 1.0 for y300 has come out but at this link https://s.basketbuild.com/devs/pacman/u8833/ i can see only the alpha 1.0 version built on march 2014. Someone can explain what i'm missing? Thanks! Edit: the development of this ROM will continue?
  3. Sorry for noob question. Do i need to install performance control to use these new features?
  4. Hi, i'm facing a bug, i connect the phone with USB cable to the PC, i tap on the screen to activate USB archive, system UI gives my an error and crashes. I'm using this rom (b209) and synopsis kernel 15/07
  5. it is a known issue on alla ROM stock based and huawei stock too. with cyano roms the car audio bluetooth works perfectly
  6. There is a problem with voice input In this ROM, i think related to google search
  7. When i try to write by voice input, i get a crash error by google search im on 1.1.5
  8. Here you go https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzyLqWFUD_EYekZSRVlMLWota0E/edit?usp=sharing
  9. For those who want stock camera in their phone here i post the stock camera apk. Install: 1) Download the apk from https://mega.co.nz/#!TJAEzKSQ!aSMsuYSF_aNHhjPaJej_xSsSNyv9Yell9ool8mFuny4 and copy to you phone SD card (this apk includes camera and gallery apps) 2) You have to unistall the FusionX camera and gallery from your system apps before installing the downloaded apk, to do it i suggest to install the free app Root App Delete, open this app, click on system apps, Pro mode and unistall camera and gallery 3) Install the apk you downloaded 4) enjoy the great autofocus of stock camera app ;)
  10. I have the ota Update notification even if i flash the Update zip manually
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