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  1. Hi All, So I received my new HTC Shift yesterday and like any good citizen, after installing some AntiVirus software, I went crazy and ran Windows Update. Now in this brave new world we live in, Vista SP1 has been released to Windows Update and I duely installed it. I was happily using the shift on the train this morning over HSDPA and hibernated Windows (by habit). When I got to work, I resumed Windows and got an error saying Sh*gCtrl (trying to dodge the profanity filter - replace '*' with 'a') has "stopped working". This seemed fairly innocent, but then I realised that I can't now enable either the HSDPA modem or the WiFi card in Vista (note: HSDPA still works in WinMo). I did a bit of Googling and came up with a hit on XDA developers suggesting that it can be fixed by re-installing the HTC Control Center app by running c:\program files\htc\control\setup.exe, which I tried, with no luck. To be fair to the original poster of this, he did come back and say that it only briefly fixed his issue. So... I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this and more importantly, has anyone fixed it? I have submitted a support request at HTC.com and am awaiting their response :D. Thanks in advance!! h3adl0ng
  2. I installed this the other day and I've noticed that I can't sync music (or other media) between my PC and the memory card in my Orange M3100. After some googling, I found several posts that describe how to fix this for WMP11 (ie, delete all MSMETADATA, DRM and MUSIC folders and any occurances of WMPInfo.xml). I followed these instructions to the letter, several times, with no luck. I now suspect that this is not directly related to WMP11, but WMDC on Vista. Has anyone else noticed the same thing? I don't think this is related to Onecare as I can sync data and browse the device quite happily (including the "storage card"). Thanks!
  3. Ok, like many others on this site who've bought an M3100 (or other hermes), I'm in a bit of a quandry over what to do about the lack of a 'normal' headphones socket. I'm tempted to buy some Bluetooth stereo headphones, but then that would be yet another thing I'd have to charge and it seems like a bit of a pfaff (sp?). So, I guess I'd prefer an adapter. I've been searching for a few days now and not really found anything. But I just found this: DataKits.co.uk headphone adapter and it looks about right - except it doesn't have the peculiar extra lump on the side of the plug like the included headset. At
  4. Have you had time to look at the landscape issue on the vistablissone theme yet? Cheers! :)
  5. I know many people are probably upgrading right now, but I thought I'd share my experience... Called 343 as recommended in another topic - got straight through to a "we give existing customers the same deals as new ones line" - never knew about this before. The hold time was less than 5 mins. The guy asked how he could help and quickly passed me to someone in upgrades (and surprisingly passed my details to the new call handler so that I didn't have to start from scratch - must be a first!)... anyway, on my existing
  6. Yup - I've used it. As you may or may not have guessed, the speaker doesn't function in quite the same way as it does when you're in a normal phone call... I'm guessing that Skype sends its audio output to the device speaker at a normal system volume level (unlike when in a call - the vol is set so that you can put your ear to the speaker). In addition to this, in the calls I've made, I've noticed a fair bit of feedback (not sure which end of the call was the worst culprit, but the feedback happened none-the-less). To combat this, I simply plugged in the normal stereo handsfree headset. However, whilst I'm sure the audio was coming out of the headset only, I'm not sure about which microphone was picking up the sounds (internal or headset). It doesn't really matter though, because it worked and it successfully stopped the feedback :) HTH, h3adl0ng
  7. Apologies for that one :oops: indeed up/right for Call History | left/down for Speed Dials - Also, its worth noting that the OS transposes the d-pad when the phone is in (either) landscape mode - so if you're holding the phone sideways, the d-pad is always oriented as you might expect @ nsp, yes, the M500 does search both first and last name and searches for any occurence of the search string - eg 373 (fre) will also pick up anDREw and linDSEy.... 463 will pick up "carolINE " and " tIMEwell". Phew... I hope that last bit made sense - it was tricky to get the right meaning to come across just using text! h3adl0ng
  8. You'd be much better off using the dialler rather than the contacts app... ... just hit the Green button - this will fire up the dialler; then enter the first part of the name of the person you want to call as if using T9 (eg. if I wanted to call someone with a first name of Fred, I would hit: 3, 7, 3 - or F, R, E, in t9); Then use the Direction control to move up and down through the list to select the required contact and then left and right to select the right phone type (w, h, m - work, home, mobile); then press the Green button again. When finished, hit the Red button as per usual... whne you go to make your next call, the search string (3,7,3 - as above) is no longer there - although it will list the last call to enable you to simply double tap the Green button to redial the last number. Also handy to note, from the Today screen, by hitting Green and then up/down, you can quickly access your speed dials. Similarly, from the today screen, pressing Green and then left/right, you can quickly access your call history. Simply select any of these items using the up/down control and dial by hitting the Green button. HTH - and I hope I'm not covering old ground for you :) h3adl0ng
  9. @ Jim81, Just to clarify, when you say upgrade, was that a normal upgrade - ie from an existing Orange phone / account (before or after 12 contract) to the M500. If so, would you mind explaining where / how you got it... :) Much appreciated! h3adl0ng
  10. I had a click around and it doesn't seem to be available on the upgrade section (http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...rade/orange/all) grrr I also called OCS and the lady said it wasn't on her system yet double grrr I want...
  11. @ RazorD... any chance you could add a meta tag (refresh) to your availability checker page pls... eg edit Meant to say pretty please! :)
  12. Has anyone else found that their ctrl and f5 keys seem slightly tired? Mine have taken a good hammering already today - and it doesn't look like its gonna let up any time soon. Just gonna see about doing some work today ;) h3adlong
  13. Digging into the "more information" section of the Dutch site, I noticed it mentioned Windows Media Player 9??? I was expecting/hoping that it would come with WMP10. What gives? H3adl0ng
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