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  1. While in beta, PA haven't made the code for DSB public yet, so you need officially supported device for DSB etc... At least that's what I've read in xda. :)
  2. Could the problem be in LPA (low power audio)? If so try fiddling around in build.prop with lpa.decode=false lpa.use-stagefright=false tunnel.decode=false I'm an android noob, so I doubt this will help, but oh well... xD
  3. Here is a link to the post from which I downloaded the rom. From there you can have a look at the thread. :)
  4. I found this ROM while looking at a theard in xda, hope it helps somehow. I scanned it with ESET just to be sure, it's clean. :)
  5. LOL, what now then? I'll start digging the internet to see whether people are having problems with KitKat on their LG L7 II. I doubt someone like LG would release an update if the experience with the ROM is bad. Edit 1: Okay, judging from the few threads on xda, some people wrote that their phones run smoother than before, will others wrote they have bugs and stutters, but didn't mention whether they performed factory reset after installing the update... Sheesh, well maybe we all got excited a bit too fast this time! :D
  6. I tried and it didn't work for me, the themes didn't show up in HKtheme manager at all. I am using AOSP mod. :)
  7. I'm using the kernel with the updated GPU stuff and I must say the UI is a lot better on CM 11 than before, it's almost excellent! I had a wakelock, but it was related to the GAPPS, specifically Google Play Services... The 5.xx.xx version, which updated itself without asking me anything. Anyway, I killed the problem and now my phone is okay! Dunno why you would stop working on the kernel, I get the frustration, it happens to me sometimes, but man, don't give up! You're really good! :)
  8. Anyway, the kernel is great, really smoothed out the stutters with the last version, epic one! Thank you for the hard work you're doing! :)
  9. Nope, I wasn't joking LOL. I'm using performance and I don't know why cuz I never use it. :D
  10. MIN frequency is 320 MHz and surprisingly enough I am using the Performance governor (?) I haven't noticed that up til now :D Should I change the governor and report later?
  11. Hi again from me! There is an issue with the latest version of the kernel on CM11. Sometimes the lockscreen doesn't respond and it wasn't like that with 31 may version, just reporting like a good fella'. :)
  12. About the part where you say that it is somewhat possible to use MSM-3.7 kernel... If you have the time and patience, and if that version is already stable, why not give it a shot? You seem to be quite skilled judging by what you've shown so far! :) I understand the problems that could occur with the drivers, but is the lack of maintenance for msm-3.7 that bad?
  13. The repack of this kernel for CM11 made the UI much, much snappier/quicker. It's amazing and CM11 doesn't even have proper GPU drivers (yet). Keep up the crazy work Moddingg33k, it's awesome!
  14. I have a lot of stutter in the UI with this rom, it was my favorite until after version 3 when the stutter started, never figured out why it happened... I don't install many apps, don't play games and that kinda' stuff...
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