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  1. dyn4mic

    Imei 0000 and signal works only with lewa os

    UP! KonstaT please help me :(
  2. Hi, i have problem with my "momodesing md droid" atlas40 variant. after some flash, i have this problem. first time that i flashed CM10, signal works. after i brick it after official restore and, after unbrick it, i tryed to flash CM10, CM10.1 but no signals, i have signals only with Lewa Os rom and with "DFU firmware". how can i solve my problem? thanks.
  3. Hi, i have problem with my ZTE MD Droid (atlas40) . When i flash CyanogenMod10, my phone don't recognize the sim and no signals. i'm sure that is modem problem... where i can find one modem compatible with CM10 and how i can flash it? "adb" ? thanks
  4. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    Yes i wipe and format sistem.. now with LeWa_ZTE_V889D_ROM_13.08.02_b7fea.zip signal works.. it's android 4.0.4 after this LeWa, i do all wipe and flash CM10.. no signals... i flash now LeWa_ZTE_V889D_ROM_13.08.02_b7fea.zip (signal ok) after CM10.1 and no signals. edit: how can i restore my IMEI number? edit2: my phone is 1 sim
  5. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    when i received this phome, it have stock momodesing md droid rom h3g italy 2.3.6.. i fkashed cmw recovery, lewa 20130111.083727 4.0.4 and after CM10... all is fine and works, also sgnals... only one bug, black screen during call... i after flashed CM10.1 but no signals... after i reflash lewa, and have signals.... after lewa, flash CM10 and no signals !! WTF?? cofused
  6. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    sorry for the disturb konstaT ... now i'm on stock 2.3.6 english/chinese (DFU_tools) ... can you write me the full procedure for flash cyanogenmod10 ? all step that i will do for CM10... I swear that if I install CM10 with signal works, small donation for you ;)
  7. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    ok thanks, my phone is strange...can you advice me last and best gingerbread rom with italian language? thanks for your help
  8. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    KonstaT view this image... stock android 4.0.4, baseband is ok, but no signal 3 days that i'm trying to fix my phone, but no way :( Please help mee !
  9. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    i flashed also v889d stock rom .... no signals.... i'm disperate why signals works also with stock 2.3.6 rom and lewa rom 2.3.6?
  10. Hi, i have one issue with my Zte MD Droid... i flashed firstly Lewa os 2.3.6 (signal works) after i flash stock acqua's rom germany (signal don't works but baseband is ok) after i flash cyanogenmod10 and no sim detect... please how can i flash cyanogemod from android 2.3.6.. i'm trying this from many days :(
  11. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    Thanks. now i will flash germany rom (official acqua's) will work well the modem in italy with H3G operator? edit: with official 4.0.4 rom (germany) , baseband is ok but, my phone don't recognize the sim... i'm desperate
  12. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    how can i update to ics baseband? i want install cyanogenmod 10, not other :)
  13. dyn4mic

    Red led and phone doesn't start.

    I flashed stock rom for Acqua (italy version). Flash complete correctly but, after flash, i briked phone now.. can you help me to install cyanogenmod 10 ? i flashed firstly Lewa, after cyanogenmod but signals don't work... with lewa works... confused..
  14. dyn4mic

    [DEV][ROM][1.11.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

    Hi, how i can get proximity sensor work ?
  15. Hi, i have one problem with this rom. i flashed firstly LEWA rom... after i go to CWM recovery, do all wipe, flash CM10.1 and gapps... phone start but, no signals... infact baseband is unknown... whit lewa os, signals works... how can i solve this issues?? i want cm10.1 thanks

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