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  1. Thanks for reply. If you manage to do something, I'll be grateful. :)
  2. Sorry if I am off topic, but I don't want to open a new thread. I like the lockscreen and notifications bar from S500, and I'd like to use them on my next phone. Can someone extract "AcerShell", to be used on other phones? . Thanks in advance.
  3. Great ROM, thank you very much! Installed it over EMEA_ORGROD firmware and works like a charm. If you want to try it, you must have unlocked bootloader!
  4. Well, it seems that no one has found a solution (or explanation) for the problem described above ... Meanwhile, my phone crashed several times, especially when trying to make a call, so I decided to go back to stock ROM. Sorry... Here is today's "ramlogs" if anyone interested.
  5. I suppose that you have a black/dark wallpaper. That's why you cannot see the difference.
  6. 2. Yes, but you need to reboot in RW mode(option 5 in tool) to fully install busybox. 3. Yes, I tried and it works. The phone need to be rooted and, again, you must reboot in RW mode to modify the softkeys.
  7. Something strange happened today: while I trying to edit the settings of an application, the phone has frozen, then restarted on a "nice" blue screen with an error message - "Q6SW :Excep 00000". After that message followed some tests(24), and in the end gave me two options: "press volume up to reset the phone" and "press volume down to enter usb download mode"(or something like that). After I booted the phone, everything worked fine, but on the sdcard I found an 1 GB(!) folder, named "ramlogs", that contains some .bin files. The folder can be found here, if someone want to see it. Can anyone tell me what was the problem? Thanks! I mention that I use Cirrus ROM from about two weeks( I mean just lately, because I used it before) and I never had problems till now. I tried all other ROM-s, but this remains the best, in my opinion.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9twz11y6ajc67uu/S500_Unlock_Tool.zip
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